the next generation of soul singers?

with a sweater like that - hell yeah.

jamie lidell is pretty rad; snag the title track from multiply over at gorilla v. bear


if you're in the tristate area, i think that lidell's show with four tet and koushik at the bowery ballroom on monday is gonna be worth checking out.

speaking of the bowery, pitchfork has a hilarious live review of dungen. while i was fairly out of it when i saw them a few weeks ago (damn you 7 and 7's!), this sounds about right:

The stage looked wonderful, at once inviting and commanding: Three long, crimped, and shaggy coiffures shook like dandelions in a breeze. Gustav Ejstes tangoed with his tambourine, clasped in dangerously tight clothes: A jumble of acute angles revolving nervously under thin fabric.

and for the love of god, please watch the new a.r.e. weapons video. it's starting to feel like fall, and that can only mean that it's the time of year when i start seeing them play about every other week.

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