you're a woman, i'm a machine

last week's lessons:

1. four margaritas and five stellas do not a nine-inch-nails-moshpit prepatory dinner make

2. queens of the stone age fuckin rock

3. it's my fate to miss every show tom vek does in new york

4. the united states is running far behind japan as far as postal stamps featuring the momonga are concerned

no regrets.

surprising abundance of great remixes available on the web today, from some of the usual suspects and from some newcomers:

death from above 1979 - sexy results (MSTRKRFT remix), from the rad scenestars.net
and if you slept on the ridiculous MSTRKRFT remix of "thank me with your hands" by fellow vice records' artists panthers, pick it up here

the juan maclean - give me every little thing (putsch '79 remix), from new-to-me silence is a rhythm

chemical brothers - galvanize (abe duque remix), from digital eargasm

last mp3, an older one - but i'll post it again because a) i know nobody checked out the video when i
linked it a while back, b) i really like gorilla vs. bear, and c) the song is absurdly awesome - i might even say it's wicked awesome:

the knife - you take my breath away

yo, i gotta start wearin more hats!

ah, tiga. at first i wasn't feeling his new single "you gonna want me", even if it does have jake shears singing the hook. but after watching the video, and listening to some of the remixes, it's definitely growing on me.

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