i'll be your disco clown

quick practice session before heading out tonight, here's the diskopunk setlist of what i was working on:

jon spencer blues explosion - mars arizona (dfa mix)
lindstrom - there's a drink in my bedroom & i need a hot lady
lcd soundsystem - tribulations (lindstrom mix)
the knife - pass it on (dahlback mix)
the rakes - retreat (phones mix)
zongamin - the bongo song
black dice - smiling off (dfa mix)


it's a wonderful party, just vomit and glitter

while since last post, so:

erol alkan's latest remix, of franz ferdinand's "do you want to" (at headphone sex), only further begs the question - at what point does merely drawing out the intro/outro to a song and adding a few microkorg stabs mean a remixer has entered the land of diminishing returns? don't get me wrong, erol is one of my favorite djs out there, and i love some of his remix work (read: "rocker", "drop the pressure", "romantic rights"), but i'm just not sure how reliable his body of work is. certainly doesn't approach the level of a stuart price or tiefschwarz.

speaking of which, stumbled upon the long-awaited p. diddy-felix da housecat song "jack u" over at bigstereo, the 12" came out today on gigolo. sadly, i'm going to have to shell out cash for the dj hell version, which i've heard him drop in various dj mixes, and even at the tribeca grand back in february.

i can't believe i've been sleeping on diplo's website for so long - i've been playing mixes from it all day at work, with surprisingly few mean flances from coworkers.

tiga! tiga!

lastly, nice electro-house blog - let no man jack


my definition of house music

saw this cover posted on iLM this morning, hadn't seen it in a while. just thought i would repeat, for the record, that i fucking love dj hell.

norway norway norway! apparently pitchfork shares my current fascination with all things norwegian...

i know it's not very cool to like kings of leon anymore, but i really love aha shake heartbreak. head over to central village to grab an mp3 of "milk"



the next generation of soul singers?

with a sweater like that - hell yeah.

jamie lidell is pretty rad; snag the title track from multiply over at gorilla v. bear


if you're in the tristate area, i think that lidell's show with four tet and koushik at the bowery ballroom on monday is gonna be worth checking out.

speaking of the bowery, pitchfork has a hilarious live review of dungen. while i was fairly out of it when i saw them a few weeks ago (damn you 7 and 7's!), this sounds about right:

The stage looked wonderful, at once inviting and commanding: Three long, crimped, and shaggy coiffures shook like dandelions in a breeze. Gustav Ejstes tangoed with his tambourine, clasped in dangerously tight clothes: A jumble of acute angles revolving nervously under thin fabric.

and for the love of god, please watch the new a.r.e. weapons video. it's starting to feel like fall, and that can only mean that it's the time of year when i start seeing them play about every other week.


alpha beta gaga

yesterday someone told me i look like the bastard child of pete doherty and johnny depp.


this guy


this guy
equals me?


crazy train

great great day for new releases:

picked up broken social scene's broken social scene LP yesterday - fuckin rad. totally agree with the pitchfork review that came out today, the album indulges in the sprawling pieces from you forgot it in the people (my favorite album of all time? probably) without losing too much focus

and now today - the new franz ferdinand LP you could have it so much better. i've been listening to this all morning, and can't stop smiling.

snag max tundra's remix of lead you could have it so much better single "do you want to" here (from the irreplaceable 20 jazz funk greats blog)

head over to hint magazine to read an interesting q&a with jenny holzer.


you can check out some of her truisms here



when she wants something but she don't wanna pay for it

giant squid!

here's a mix that i just uploaded for a rockstar games contest:

Disco D feat. Princess Superstar – Fuck Me On The Dancefloor (Rapster)
Franz Ferdinand – Michael (Thomas Eriksen Mix) (Domino)
Tiga – Louder Than A Bomb (PIAS)
Superpitcher – Baby’s On Fire (Road Rage)
Annie – Happy Without You (Riton Instrumental) (679)
Kelis – Milkshake (X-Press 2 Mix) (Arista)
Tiefschwarz feat Eric D’Clark – Blow (Gigolo)
Audio Bullys – Bang Bang (White Label)
The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Mix) (DFA)
DFA 1979 – Black History Month (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Mix) (679)
Annie – Heartbeat (Alan Braxe Mix) (679)
Fischerspooner – Just Let Go (Thin White Duke Mix) (Capitol)
Kiko – Monique (David Carretta Mix) (PIAS)
Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Erol Alkan Mix) (Breastfed)
Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Roc A Fella)

your girl got dicked by ricky powell