waiting for a factory girl

i haven't read any of the harry potter books, nor have i seen any of the movies. but i am intrigued by the new one since jarvis cocker plays is featured in a fictional band. pulp is still one of my all time favorite bands, and i think jarvis can/should/will be remembered as the 90s' fey mick jagger.

speaking of which

how come more people didn't latch onto relaxed muscle? i mean c'mon, jarvis dressed up in a skeleton outfit playing electro fuzz rock under a pseudonym? genius.

for your listening pleasure:

relaxed muscle - tuff it out

in a similarly sinister vein, i haven't heard much about she wants revenge since i picked up a free promo cd that they had put out at happy ending. like so many other joy division meets williamsburg and/or silverlake bands, i think the live show would make or break them. but i do like their stuff

she wants revenge - sister


it might be a different story

time for some internet radio / dj mix downloads:

radioclit - i stumbled across this a few weeks ago, they've got filthy filthy screw edits and mixes. and the most recent show starts off with a live kraftwerk track.

jdh / dave p - another live mix from my favorite new york dj team, this one from the last edition of the fixed parties at the tribeca grand. (link via cliktrax and flavorpill) and the mix includes tiga's "you gonna want me" and !!!'s "intensifieder"!!

dfa - go buy the $.99 dfa holiday mix from itunes. right. now. it is ridiculousness.

diplo - live mix from xm radio, i've played it so much at the office it's been officially banned.


since i promised downloads:

!!! - take ecstasy with me

now that every other blog in existence has posted it, i figure i can too.


can't stop won't stop

guess who's got the mp3s...yeah, i shelled out for hosting space, so here you go:

first, a nolej records exclusive:

nevaris - your ways

only spot on the internet to grab this one, don't sleep on it. i'm going to try and start posting mp3s and various media files on a daily basis, but the files will only be available for a week or so.

now you know.


rock and roll could never hip hop like this

lots of stuff to cover since last post, decided to break it up into a few themed posts...


hip hop.

how sick is this chain. you done.

i dj'ed last thursday, friday, and saturday. for the majority of that, i forgot to keep track of any kind of coherent setlist. although i did jot down a quick hip hop set that i did on saturday at galapagos:

young jeezy feat. akon - soul survivor
teairra mari - make her feel good
consequence feat. mike jones - been robbed
dj shadow - the number song (cut chemist mix)
robyn - konichiwa bitches
friday nite - misbehavin (white label)
wu-tang - for heaven's sake
kano - mic check

speaking of the wu, go grab the new raekwon joint "state of grace" over at between thought and expression

super excited to see that vice is putting out the second run the road grime comp in february. little pissed that my favorite from the first edition, earz, only gets a guest spot and not a full track.

lastly, anyone who wants to get me an early xmas gift, here's one idea:

the ramones? dipset, bitches.


we need a war

i first got hooked on time out while i was an impressionable college student doing a term in london. i think the fact that the magazine described erol alkan's trash party as "angular" was what turned me on to the whole indieelectrodisko deal...and that's where i got to see lcd soundsystem when the only release they had under their belt was "losing my edge".

but i digress

time out has come out with a new cd/dvd project called the other side that looks pretty dope - they're doing it for new york, london, and paris, with casey spooner, damian lazarus, and black strobe contributing mixes respectively. there's a cool website too, which has reviews and a smallscale hipster-myspace section...i can't wait to get my hands on the new york disc, excited to see what casey drops on his mix


a kick in the teeth

i had sort of forgotten about how much i love gimme fiction, until i stumbled across this spoon remix today - go get "i turn my camera on (john mcentire remix)" over at my old kentucky blog.


is it just me or does the cover of gimme fiction:

seem somewhat reminiscent of painter karel funk's work:


it's been a while since i've waxed eloquent about the lovely fischerspooner, so go watch this clip of casey in alife. and yes, alife are the people responsible for the tennis-ball reebok pumps that have been killing me.


i need you to make me take my nap

for some reason i was turned off by the whole neo-hippie folksy deal going on right now, but today i broke down and bought devendra banhart's cripple crow.

fuck. me.
this album is great.

and morrissey has a new album coming out? good day.


i have to laugh, it's so unreal

i think i'm in love.

i saw these kicks at nom de guerre this afternoon, i'm fairly smitten. my terminators are getting pretty scuffed up. might be time to move on.

in the midst of a site redesign. be gentle.

super excited about going to see art brut at northsix on friday, especially now that i've found out that test iciles is the opening band. worst band name ever, but fuckin fun tracks. check out "circle, triangle, square" (from razorblade runner)


i was down in it

here's a picture from the nine inch nails show at madison square garden that i went to last thursday, i was about five feet in front of trent...

photo courtesy of man-about-town lem lopez (who i think was the one who pushed margaritas on me earlier in the night...)


you're a woman, i'm a machine

last week's lessons:

1. four margaritas and five stellas do not a nine-inch-nails-moshpit prepatory dinner make

2. queens of the stone age fuckin rock

3. it's my fate to miss every show tom vek does in new york

4. the united states is running far behind japan as far as postal stamps featuring the momonga are concerned

no regrets.

surprising abundance of great remixes available on the web today, from some of the usual suspects and from some newcomers:

death from above 1979 - sexy results (MSTRKRFT remix), from the rad scenestars.net
and if you slept on the ridiculous MSTRKRFT remix of "thank me with your hands" by fellow vice records' artists panthers, pick it up here

the juan maclean - give me every little thing (putsch '79 remix), from new-to-me silence is a rhythm

chemical brothers - galvanize (abe duque remix), from digital eargasm

last mp3, an older one - but i'll post it again because a) i know nobody checked out the video when i
linked it a while back, b) i really like gorilla vs. bear, and c) the song is absurdly awesome - i might even say it's wicked awesome:

the knife - you take my breath away

yo, i gotta start wearin more hats!

ah, tiga. at first i wasn't feeling his new single "you gonna want me", even if it does have jake shears singing the hook. but after watching the video, and listening to some of the remixes, it's definitely growing on me.


can you make it me plus one?

the most amazing shoes ever? i love the shoes at alife, but hate the store itself... (image via the fader blog)

super excited to finally see tom vek on friday at the knitting factory. grab the digitalism remix of "nothing but green lights" off of the increasingly relevant headphone sex. and the full length we have sound is finally released domestically on startime ....!

finally - a great music video blog on the web (besides, that is, gbh)

check out cliptip, which has a great selection of videos, including feist's "mushaboom" (at left). not only was "mushaboom" featured in this week's crossing jordan, but the video makes feist look cuter than ever. and that's pretty hard.

new stuff from one of my even-though-i-can't-convince-anyone-else -to-like-him-he's-amazing favorite artists: midnight mike. he sort of fell off the grid after the success of "round and around", but has been dropping weirdo pieces for the past couple of years. just when i thought all hope was lost and i'd have to stick to listening to zongamin, out come remixes of "disco clown"!! fuck! i just searched juno to grab the link, and it's already sold out!



i guess we'll have to settle for the video of him performing "disco clown" at trash in 2002. if you look closely, i'm standing on his right next to the stage.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell