fingernails matching

afterparty for the chromeo show at studio b last night. dave 1, a-trak, steve aoki all killed it. and i know that it's a gimmick, but opening up a set with "new noise" is a fun move

a-trak - private sizzurp

pics from the night here.


international feel

hello pitchforkers searching for the strut comp!

panda bear - take pills

want to know the secret about the justice mix that was rejected by fabric? it's not good. fabric has been putting out some of the most consistently high quality mixes - across a wide range of styles, so don't give me that bullshit - for years now. and justice phoned it in. nice work closing with the same rundgren track that was used in electroma, too.


cyclopian space

i got to see smiley face for work almost a year ago. it killed at sundance, but through standard distributor back and forth it never got a full release. so for the past year i've been telling everyone about how there is a retarded funny movie with anna faris directed by gregg araki and it's all about being stoned. nobody believed me. this probably wasn't helped by the fact that i am usually prompted to talk about it when i am really stoned myself. well, dvd suckers. buy it.

excellent video / 3d loop.

high on fire - death is this communion

your girl got dicked by ricky powell