he's already in me

the stone roses - i wanna be adored

atari teenage riot - too dead for me

pulp - babies

sloan - the good in everyone

kmfdm - a drug against war


year end, 2 of 2, #10-1

10. ugk - underground kingz

song: the game belongs to me

9. earth - hibernaculum

song: coda maestoso in f (flat) minor

8. el-p - i'll sleep when you're dead

song: run the numbers (feat. aesop rock)

7. jesu - conquerer

song: old year

6. dan deacon - spiderman of the rings

song: snake mistakes

5. daft punk - alive 2007

song: burnin' / too long

4. iron & wine - the shepherd's dog

song: innocent bones

3. deerhunter - cryptograms

song: hazel st

2. battles - mirrored

song: bad trails

1. animal collective - strawberry jam

song: chores


year end, 1 of 2, #20-11

top albums of 2007

20. no age - weirdo ripper

song: everybody's down

19. the black lips - good bad not evil

song: navajo

18. ghostface killah - big doe rehab

song: we celebrate (feat. kid capri)

17. lcd soundsystem - sound of silver

song: time to get away

16. burial - untrue

song: near dark

15. health - health

song: zoothorns

14. m.i.a. - kala

song: hussel (feat. afrikan boy)

13. kanye west - graduation

song: flashing lights

12. liars - liars

song: sailing to byzantium

11. boris with michio kurihara - rainbow

song: starship narrator

the rest shortly.



daft punk - louis vuitton runway mix (30 MB)

the daft punk poster contest is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered!


this side of the blue

portishead - it's a fire

terms that are functionally meaningless:

1. "cut and sew" tshirts

2. webisode

3. bedroom producer


we hyped just to be here

primal scream - don't fight it, feel it

command shift 3 is up and i'm in a race to the bottom. this blog is currently ranked 1786th out of 1803.


how i came to hate the word

ghostface killah - save me dear

giving big doe rehab first listen today.

four more days to enter the daft punk contest.


glitter pills

favorite musical trends of 2007:

1. resurgence of stoner/drone metal

2. lil wayne dropping at least 16 bars on everything

3. california noise pop

health - //M\\


trying to stick his finger in my chest

now grunge, how long before we all start wearing this tshirt again?

marilyn manson - cake and sodomy


the brainwasher

best show of 2007, best live album of 2007, best poster?

got my hands on a super-limited poster for daft punk's alive 2007 to give away. if you want to get your mitts on it just send me an email to disconotdisco@gmail.com, subject: daft poster, by 12/14. ten days. starts now.

daft punk - da funk / dadftendirekt

full album stream here


miss chatelaine

topic for discussion this morning: k.d. lang or lauryn hill?

closer than you would think

celebration - evergreen

your girl got dicked by ricky powell