police on my back


i love getting emails from people who read my blog - always nice to meet people with common interests, etc etc.

i do not like getting emails from the RIAA "acting on behalf of the recording artist known as Justin Timberlake". long story short, my hosting company has frozen my account. looks like i'm going to have to get one of those shady offshore servers or something. christ.

in the meantime, put your hand inside the puppets head and act quick to grab some files from yousendit:

warren zevon - lawyers, guns, and money

the clash - know your rights



all i wanna do is disco dance with you

there are certain things that i just can't help but write about compulsively - things like the knife, justice, tv on the radio, nike air max 90s, and pretty much anything having to do with parisian record label ed banger records. so it is with baited breath and a fistful of sparks (!) that i'm waiting for this party tomorrow night at element. almost the entire roster (save for justice) will be descending upon nyc for a night of total debauchery. uffie and para one will be performing live, while dj medhi, feadz, sebastian, and busy p will be handling dj duties.

uffie - pop the glock

uffie - hot chick

dj medhi - lucky boy feat. fafi

para one - dudun dun (mstrkrft remix)

busy p - chop suey

ttc - dans le club (busy p remix)

shit should get out of control - check out this video from the justice waters of nazareth release party in paris. and don't worry, justice will be in nyc for a show on november 4th...


check out the new video for para one's single "dudun dun". paris hilton sex video meet's mstrkrft's "easy love". awesome.

para one - dudun dun


on his forehead read the motto

even though the band is currently on tour in europe, buzz is starting to reach fever pitch about the rapture's forthcoming pieces of the people we love. i've been hooked on this band ever since hearing the infectious beat of "out of the races and onto the tracks" - a song i still hear dj's drop in bars around nyc on a surprisingly regular basis. and while i love a lot of the current crop of "disko punk" groups (read: klaxons, tom vek, etc), i'm not sure that i've heard a band in this genre that quite matches up. the rapture takes that deep musicianship that marks groups like !!!, out hud, and black dice, and just ratchets up the fun quotient. what more could you ask for?

the rapture - the sound

the rapture - get myself into it (prince language disco edit)

the rapture - sister saviour

the rapture - the coming of spring

the rapture - alienation

well, i guess maybe you could ask for a roller disco music video that also takes a swipe at jessica simpson. sure.


gone daddy gone

this picture landed in my inbox late last night. it's my dad. and he flew out to burning man this morning. he wanted to know what i thought of his vest.


so, if you're going to burning man stop by and say hello to him. he'll be in the giant geodesic domes of "the root society". here's a description of his camp from the burning man main page:

The Root of all....all things above and below
Above is hope. Below is fear
Above temptation. Below the belt. The love below...
The root of all evil? Maybe!
But you want it. Your mind wanders...the mystery draws you in.
Your mind imagines...dreams of its power.
The contrast of the extremes. We hope for new experiences.
We fear the below we can not see.
The way people and energy move through space.
Keeping score of the activity...away from the natural balance
The Root Society!

in honor of my dad being stoned in the desert for five days, here are some songs that he turned me onto that continue to make regular appearances in my itunes:

bow wow wow - radio g string

frank zappa - plastic people

the modern lovers - pablo picasso

tenor saw - ring the alarm

big audio dynamite - rewind

brian eno - golden hours



what's his name

The Knife - Pass This On

the knife - pass this on (dahlback and dahlback remix)

i first wrote about the knife's silent shout on january 29th, almost seven months ago to the day. i just can't help myself. but really, i was first hooked on the brother-sister duo when deep cuts dropped in 2004. due to all the (well-deserved) hype surrounding silent shout, the knife have rereleased deep cuts with an accompanying dvd that includes six videos and a documentary. often intentionally lo-fi, the knife's videos are genius. whereas most music videos attempt to recreate the cinematic feel of film [cough] the killers [cough], these promos embrace both the possibilities and limitations of video as a standalone medium. head over to juno to pick this shit up.

The Knife - You Take My Breath Away

and how could i do another post about the knife without some silent shout goodness:

the knife - silent shout (shinedoe remix)

the knife - we share our mother's health (ratatat remix)

the knife - one hit



looters' follies

i had a dream last night that i was dj'ing at some sort of huge outdoor festival and there were tech problems with the setup and i couldn't get anything to play and the crowd kept throwing bottles at me because everybody wanted to hear destroyer.

i took that as a sign that i should post some justin timberlake mp3s....!

for your listening pleasure:

justin timberlake - sexyback

justin timberlake feat. t.i. - my love

justin timberlake - futuresex / lovesound

justin timberlake - like i love you (dsico remix)

my favorite is the track with t.i., although i do miss the "ATLANTIC RECORDS FOR T.I. CLEARANCE" voiceover that was sprinkled through early leaked copies...



the book of right-on

photo: liz seru

art brut - good weekend

lots of interesting stuff going on this weekend - i'm not sure how much i'll be able to make it to due to my bum leg, but we'll see...

friday begins this weekend's dominance of new venue studio b, which will hopefully bring some fresh blood to the north williamsburg / greenpoint area that i call home. and i don't want to hear anymore shit from you manhattanites - you pack the pool, you can come to this joint as well. so, tonight the female-forward white dove parties kick off with a sick lineup:

Main Floor
10pm-11pm Melody Nelson
11-12 Lauren Flax
1-2 Shelly
2:30-4 June D

princess superstar - do it like a robot


todd p takes over studio b on saturday night, presenting a really killer lineup of oneida and black dice. show starts at 9, with dj's including dan selzer taking over afterwards.

black dice - the dream is going down

oneida - run through my hair

also on saturday, dj's the party captain and alana post will be spinning at lolita bar after the demander show, and they promise "punk / electro smash jabs & cuts like a neon kung fu movie w discko
dancing chuck norris!" how can you say no to that? head over to party captain's myspace page for some killer mixes as well, i've been listening to the "summer fling" mix all morning.


lastly, on sunday head over to joe's pub to catch classical music weirdos break of reality. if you can get past the cringe-worthy band name, it should be a good show of cello-based heavy metal-ish instrumentals. disco-not-disco collaborator vj full stealth will also be handling the visuals.


spoon - the fitted shirt

freshness has a sneak peek at the new skoold in korectnuss a/w 06 line, i'm especially feeling the jordan-inspired look of the above tees. although these gucci polos aren't too shabby either:

speaking of jordans, colette's younger brother we sold out has the fucking rad new air jordan 4's in the military blue colorway. only three pairs left on the site, cop 'em while you can.



my best friend's a butcher

thanks to hypebeast for the heads up - the eagerly anticipated re-release of the dave's quality meat "bacon" air max 90s will be dropping tomorrow. new pack includes a dqm tshirt. don't sleep on this one, the first release is hard to find.

dave's quality meat
7 east 3rd street
New York, NY 10003
212 505 7551

belle and sebastian - meat and potatoes

interpol - roland

####some exciting tv on the radio news, the official tracklisting for the us release (sept 12th) has been announced:

1. I Was A Lover 4:21
2. Hours 3:55
3. Province 4:37
4. Playhouses 5:11
5. Wolf Like Me 4:39
6. A Method 4:25
7. Let The Devil In 4:24
8. Dirty Whirl 4:14
9. Blues From Down Here 5:17
10. Tonight 6:52
11. Wash The Day Away 8:08
12. [silence] 0:17
13. [silence] 0:17
14. [silence] 0:17
15. [silence] 0:17
16. [silence] 0:17
17. [silence] 0:17
18. [silence] 0:17
19. [silence] 0:17
20. [silence] 0:17
21. [silence] 0:17
22. [silence] 0:17
23. [silence] 0:17
24. [silence] 0:17
25. [silence] 0:17
26. [ambient audio] 1:43
27. Snakes and Martyrs 4:06
28. Hours (El-P Remix) 4:23
29. Things You Can Do 5:26

track 28 piques my interest - el-p and tv on the radio? sounds good to me...

tv on the radio - young liars

el-p - deep space 9mm

there is also another one of the short promo videos for return to cookie mountain, check out the high res real video here.

and if you haven't seen it yet, definitely take a look at this video of "dreams" with trent reznor and peter murphy sharing vocal duties. fucking unreal.



the union forever

supreme dunk hi painting by dave white

on the mend a little bit, but my leg is still totally fucked. called the doctor and they basically said i was shit out of luck and that i just need to exercise. at least when i was a dedicated smoker i could use that as an excuse for my aversion to any physical activity. running out of options at this point.

ghostface killah - run

air - run

delroy wilson - run run

the velvet underground - run run run

the yeah yeah yeahs - no no no



superstarr pt. zero

fun show last night at sob's, good to see the nolej crew out in force and what not. the real highlight of the night, though, was that i got to hang out in a real backstage dressing room complete with leather couches and an empty mini fridge. i kinda had no business being there. the scene was further accented by a whole bunch of kanye west tour posters on the walls and a bunch of pratt kids (?) lounging around.

kanye west feat. cam'ron and consequence - gone

kanye west - dreams of fucking lil' kim


after the fun of last night i am laid up today with some kind of a pinched nerve in my leg. woke up and could barely move.

water lily and st-plomb - shake a leg

cannibal ox - painkillers



faux obsolete

if you're in the new york area tonight make sure to come see me dj at s.o.b.'s - it's the first in a series of events sponsored by chin magazine and mtv. they wanted me to commit to playing exclusively "brazilian funk," but i think i will also be throwing down some standard party jams for the after work crowd.


teddybears - cobrastyle

tittsworth - eye whips pussy

the show starts around 8, and should be free if you rsvp to: allaprima@unchin.com

hope to see you all there


i know i gots to do it, but i always feel like a jackass trying to get people to come see me dj

i need to cleanse the palette:

dragons of zynth - abithia

that feels better.



picture me, snotty nosed

fun night in the 'burg yesterday - liana and iggy came down from boston to drink some strawberitas. we all grew up together and were throwing around some good stories, mostly involving iggy trying to pick up girls at the bowling alley. one of my favorites, though, was when liana and i were about nine years old and we got stuck in the mud during recess. and i mean fucking stuck almost knee deep. the principal had to come and pull us out.

eagles of death metal - stuck in the metal

iron and wine - muddy hymnal

tv on the radio - dirtywhirl

now we can see the hilarity of the situation, but i remember being scared shitless at the time...



a sight to behold

fuckin christ! thank god i don't live in maine - i don't care if this thing is or is not the androscoggin beast it's ugly as hell.

from the seacoast online:

Michelle O'Donnell of Turner spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed. She called it a "hybrid mutant of something."

"It was evil, evil looking. And it had a horrible stench I will never forget," she told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. "We locked eyes for a few seconds and then it took off. I've lived in Maine my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."


relaxed muscle - beastmaster

missy elliot - dog in heat

talking heads - animals

devendra banhart - dogs they make up the dark



the world will never look quite the same again

got old friends coming into town this weekend, thank god there's a FIXED party that looks like it should be stupid amounts of fun. dave p and jdh's roving party has migrated to scenic, er, club midway, and this saturday they have special guests scratch massive:

scratch massive - seeing is believing (david carretta remix)

bloc party - this modern love (dave p. and adam sparkle's mix)

"seeing is believing" is one of those tracks that has been kicking around my head ever since i first heard it on a larry tee comp a few years back, but recently scratch massive has received notice for their excellent naked mix that dropped late 2005. featured such disco-not-disco staples as out hud, !!!, huntemann, whomadewho, soulwax, etc. should prove to be a solid night on saturday.

huntemann - 50.1

soulwax - ny excuse (justice remix)



stop playin

ever since that incident recently where 23 crew members had to be air lifted off of a container ship after it tipped over on its side near alaska, i have been intrigued by these behemoths. there was a great article in the new york review of books that discussed the implications of the vessels on the global economy. in many ways, it's not the size of the ships so much as the astronomical size of the ports that accomodate them that has led to the economic development of certain regions. a particularly interesting case study is how manufacturing and shipping trade moved away from nyc.

aesop rock - the tuboat complex pt. 3

sebadoh - ocean

animal collective - two sails on a sound

beck - rowboat

the beach boys - sloop john b.


liz and i are both sick, slugging around the apartment watching tv. hopefully get pulled together for this weekend to catch some shows



it's just you and me

the arcade fire - neighborhood #2 (laika)

i like my neighborhood in wburg: close to the park, close to dumont, quiet, safe as hell, lots of space, neighbors are all really nice families. only problem is this one dude that lives across the street.

sunn o))) - orthodox caveman

he spends all weekend strutting around the block shirtless, washing his bmw and yelling at his mom. but, what the fuck do i care, right? so, a few nights ago i was standing outside with liz, josh, and ashley, and this douchebag rolls by in his car and yells out "fuckin' yuppies!"

t.a.t.u. - all the things she said

now, don't get me wrong, i understand that the gentrification of williamsburg creates a lot of tension vis-a-vis the italian, jewish, and puerto rican communities that have been here for decades. but "yuppies"? come on: i am currently unemployed, liz is a photographer who temps to pay the bills, josh is a public school teacher in east new york, and ashley is currently working on a video project for a nonprofit group. after the guy rolled by in his bmw, we all looked at each other with slightly bemused smiles and josh said what we were all thinking "wait, so that guy thinks we have money? could be worse..."

the flying lizards - money

the queers - i only drink bud



source tags and codes

yes, that is me. halloween 1987, outift made from scratch by my mom

if you're in the nyc area tonight, stop by company on e. 10th (at 1st ave) to catch me spinning tonight. it's officially a birthday fete for gal-about-town maureen, but everyone is welcome. not sure what i'll be spinning yet - the bday girl has requested some wrens makeout jams, but i'm tempted to throw down some filthy booty tech as well...we'll see what happens...

andrew w.k. - party till you puke

add n to (x) - party bag

blur - death of a party

ted leo and the pharmacists - the high party



radical adults lick godhead style

the world of the promotional cd is a tricky one - spend too much money on packaging and/or design and you risk pissing away thousands of dollars, spend no money on packaging and/or design and your record is put in a stack of dozens of indistinguishable CDRs and never listened to. some people, such as electro supergroup lotterboys, do it just right. while in an innocuous cardboard sleeve, the cool colors, deep image field, and crisp typesetting scream class. of course it's a peter saville design. i don't care what anybody says, there are still very few people who can touch this guy in the design game. and he rocks white jeans like it's his job.

to the music itself:

animalia is a refreshing new lp that is equal parts filthy electro stabs and dfa-meets-chromeo style indie funk. while a couple of these tracks have been floating around as club singles - "heroine", "star whores", and the cheeky take on "iron man" - the real strength of lotterboys is in their ability to craft smart pop songs. comprised of fetisch (terranova), shapemod (terranova), and mack goudy jr. (detroit grand pubahs), the three members of the group are all industry vets. and it shows - the production is tight as shit. perhaps most impressively, however, is that lotterboys is clever to show restraint. standout track "blazer" has an infectious disco beat that could easily have been stretched out into an 11 minute club single [cough] lindstrom [cough], but the group makes the wise decision to reign it in. the result is a near-perfect electro rock track.

lotterboys - blazer

lotterboys - iron man

lotterboys - superdope

and it certainly shouldn't come as a shock that lotterboys have done remix work for disco-not-disco faves colder. unfortunately i don't have the remix on hand, so you'll have to make do with the original:

colder - to the music


while we're on the subject of album packaging, while the colored vinyl limited edition of pet sounds is kinda obvious, i'm still gonna hunt it down.... (image via the fader blog)

the beach boys - hang on to your ego


as my credit card bill can attest to, i've developed an unhealthy fixation upon nike air max 90s and 180s recently. that certainly doesn't mean, however, that i'm above drooling over a sick pair of dunks. check out these polka dot samples, apparently slated to be a tier zero release later in the year. i'm going to go stake out my place outside of alife rivington club right now. (via nikeskateboarding.org)

radio cure

for perhaps the first time in my life, i am having trouble sleeping. fuck.

the wrens - this boy is exhausted



dropkick the punks

c'mon, isn't this picture better than the ones with the black masks that's everywhere right now?

quick! stop what you're doing and go buy tickets for the knife show at webster hall nov 1. just went on sale at noon, and this shit will sell out right quick. been feeling the knife for a minute now and the chance to catch them live doesn't come often at all.

the knife - neverland

the knife - from off to on

i do have to say, though, i still loathe webster hall. i've only seen one show there - the faint - but it was a total clusterfuck. had to jump through hoops to get in, then i almost got punched in the face by a bouncer when i went outside to smoke and had the nerve to try and get back in. the faint were excellent though.

the faint - sealed human

the faint - paranoia attack

the faint - let the poison spill



you take my breath away

financial considerations and/or laziness have meant that lately i've slipped out of the habit of picking up tickets to big name shows way in advance. lots of good stuff coming up in the fall that will likely sell out if you wait too long, make sure to keep an eye on these guys:

girl talk w/ professor murder:

08-18 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge

girl talk – too deep
girl talk – minute by minute

sufjan stevens:

09-29 New York, NY - Town Hall
09-30 New York, NY - Town Hall
10-01 New York, NY - Town Hall

sufjan stevens – romulus
sufjan stevens – the one I love (live)

the secret machines:

10-02 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
10-03 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
11-03 Brooklyn, N.Y. - Warsaw
11-04 Brooklyn, N.Y. – Warsaw

the secret machines – you are chains
the secret machines – lightning blue eyes

dj shadow:

10-17 New York, NY - Webster Hall
10-18 New York, NY – TBA

dj shadow feat. turf talk and keak da sneak – 3 freaks
dj shadow – six days

11-01 New York, NY - Webster Hall

the knife – heartbeats (rex the dog mix)
the knife – marble house (booka shade mix)


in other upcoming event news, i will be dj'ing a private party this saturday at a bar down on the LES. there's a chance that it might turn into a full night, stay tuned for more info.



iced out trojan

last night i met up with josh to check out a new monday night party, and, um, it wasn't that good. so we ended up walking around trying to find a place to duck in for a drink. walked by beauty bar, and as i glanced in the window i was greeted with the sight of two enormous fake boobs. after heading inside (how could we not?) apparently adult film star gina lynn was doing some kind of promo giveaway. the sight of a blond pornstar throwing posters to a crowd of dirty hipsters/nyu kids was pretty amazing. are free skin mags the new sparks?

porno for pyros - tahitian moon

the flaming lips - talkin' bout the smiling deathporn immortality blues

sonic youth - self obsessed and sexxee

the dead milkmen - sri lanka sex hotel

x - sex and dying in high society

tricky - sex drive


entries for the chocolate swim giveaway are due by the end of the day tomorrow, send me an email at disconotdisco@gmail.com with your mailing info for a chance to cop the prize pack:

- Adult Swim shoulder bag made by Yak Pak
- DVD's
- 12 Oz. mouse watch
- Adult Swim frisbee
- Adult Swim notebook
- Adult Swim socks



no one ever looks up in the city

apparently it's my weekend of missing great parties. last night i decided to take a night off, stay in, and read the new york review of books instead of checking out the mishka x dirty down party at lit. if the calls i got from ashley at 12:30 am, 1:40 am, and 3:12 am are any indication, i missed out on a stupid fun night. and this afternoon i'm going to miss one of the best ps1 lineups for the summer - a touch of class djs. the atoc crew has been ahead of the curve for the past few years, notably being the first to take a chance on a group of go-go dancing misfits known as the scissor sisters.

scissor sisters - electrobix (hungry wives mix)

while their profile has come down a little bit since the heady days of electroclash, they've continued to pump out great releases from waldorf, the ones, a.r.e. weapons, etc, over the past few years.

waldorf - fashionist (disco metal mix)

sideview feat. jeremy scott - wanna be (touched by class mix)

here's a track from the ones, who will be dropping a full length in october. the single for "picture perfect" is available here and includes this mix as well as a hushhush mix from the rapture dudes.

the ones - picture perfect (atoc dubmaster mix)

the rapture - get myself into it


tonight though? looking up - destrosound throws down in the heart of midtown at blaggards. show's at 10, don't sleep on it.



going steady

we started as a punk band with pop aspirations

dfa 1979 have called it quits (thanks for the heads up, brooklyn vegan). sucks - you're a woman still gets heavy rotation around the apartment, and their show at the bowery ballroom was one of my all time favorites. but at least we still have mstrkrft, eh?

death from above 1979 - better off dead

death from above 1979 - pull out

death from above 1979 - go home, get down

death from above 1979 - black history month (josh homme remix)

death from above 1979 - blood on our hands (justice remix)

mstrkrft - paris####


beat the clock

brakes - all nite disco party

andrew w.k. - party hard

UPDATE: the secret spank rock show tonight just gets better and better, full lineup from todd p:

:: Spank Rock --> http://spankrock.net - http://myspace.com/spankrock
:::: Dan Deacon
:::::::: Devlin & Darko / XXXChange --> http://bbcsound.com
:::::::::::: JUICEBOXXX
:::::::::::::: Slow Jams Band

:: DJ Oxy Cottontail --> http://myspace.com/oxycottontail
:: Drop the Lime dj set --> http://myspace.com/dropthelime

[ 3RD WARD ]
195 Morgan Ave @ Stagg | East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Morgan | 8pm | $10 | all ages | 3rdwardbrooklyn.org

just buy her a can of pabst

tonight, east williamsburg [cough] bushwick [cough] secret spank rock show:


August, 3 2006 at 3rd Ward
195 morgan ave @ Stagg, East Williamsburg, NY

[ 3RD WARD ] 195 Morgan Ave @ Stagg | East Williamsburg, Brooklyn L to Morgan | 8pm | $TBA | all ages | 3rdwardbrooklyn.org

the spank rock fools always throw down, don't sleep on this one

spank rock - bump

spank rock - put that pussy on me

plastic little feat. spank rock and diplo - now i holler


by the time i get to venus

my first exposure to peaches came in 2002 when i picked up a vinyl copy of the quartermass vs. kitty-yo comp because i liked the cover art. little did i know that it would introduce me to artists who would go on to occupy much of my listening time for the next couple of year, including peaches, gonzales, and add n to (x). and while i was one of ms. nisker's most vocal advocates for a while ("no, you don't get it - she's supposed to have a hairy crotch!!"), i have been fairly disappointed by her recent output. let's get real - fatherfucker was god awful. jury's still out on her latest single "downtown", but a banging simian mobile disco remix never hurt anyone, yeah?

peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco mix)

peaches - diddle my skittle

peaches - rock show (live at trash)

simian mobile disco - hustler


little under one week left to enter the disco-not-disco chocolate swim contest! send your name, mailing address, and a band rec to disconotdisco@gmail.com for a chance to win:

- Adult Swim shoulder bag made by Yak Pak
- DVD's
- 12 Oz. mouse watch
- Adult Swim frisbee
- Adult Swim notebook
- Adult Swim socks

and download the free ep, featuring lady sov, ghislain poirier, spank rock, mf doom, etc, here.

check out a great photo set on supertouch of neck face and rich jacobs covering a delivery van in the course of 15 minutes. unreal.

the vandals - punk as fuck

talking heads - artists only


i know it sounds desperate, but i'm new to this - be my myspace friend!


your girl got dicked by ricky powell