you make me feel, mighty real

one quick one for the weekend

a 152 minute mp3 of metro area dj'ing in pittsburgh in november 2004? why not.
(note: it's a 285.5 MB file...)

courtesy of the ILM messageboard

we don't play guitars

hadn't touched my turntables in over a month, have a gig next saturday so decided to practice last night. here's the setlist i was working on:

death from above 1979 - black history month (alan braxe & fred falke mix) (679)
annie - happy without you (riton vocal mix) (679)
chicks on speed - we don't play guitars (tiefschwarz black box mix) (cos records)
tiga - louder than a bomb (pias)
mylo - destroy rock & roll (tom neville mix) (breastfed)
lcd soundsystem - yeah (pretentious mix) (dfa)
fischerspooner - just let go (tommie sunshine brooklyn fire mix) (capitol)
annie - heartbeat (alan braxe mix) (679)
superpitcher - happiness (michael mayer mix) (kompakt)
kiki - age of cancer (bpitch)
tiefschwarz & eric d'clark - blow (gigolo)
the rapture - house of jealous lovers (morgan geist mix) (dfa)
freeform five feat. bounty killer - eeeeaaooww (stanton warriors mix) (ud)
the rapture - i need your love (manhead dub) (output)
chromeo - me & my man (whitey mix) (turbo)

on an unrelated note

i finally think i've figured out what to get a tattoo of:


a great place for water wings and cannonballs

it's so hot out right now that walking down 10th ave feels like you're scuba diving.


here's some hot, sticky summer music:

tiger tunes - "kirsten is a fuckmachine" (best first line ever?)
jamie lidell - "newme" (a less grating, more discoey jon spencer?)
dungen - "panda" (my song of the summer, doing nothing to temper my growing obsession with northern european bands...)


in a young man's mind it's a simple world

sweet jesus.

new line is developing a voltron movie.

and pharrell is doing the soundtrack.

i'm just waiting for the announcement that lindsay lohan has been cast as the lead, at which point my head will explode.

there's a little room for music and the rest is girls

i'm the first to jump on the latest electro-minimal-techno- not-techno-sleazy-whatever bandwagon, but sometimes you just want raunchy guitars and cigarette-ravaged vocals. that's why i love bands like black lipstick.

black lipstick - "grandma airplane" (from bars & guitars)
black lipstick - "bob fosse" (from peek-a-boo industries)

and just in case you haven't seen it yet, peep music hurts, super slick new online music zine. reminds me of hint in some ways


fix up look sharp

first: kanye west feat. jay-z - "diamonds (remix)"

silly silly weekend, celebratory drinks after a meeting on saturday afternoon turned into vicki and i passing out on the floor at work by 7. and i let someone try and give me a mohawk. luckily, the clippers died halfway through so now i just look like a mental patient. into the night.

on a happier note, around midnight on saturday someone made me drink a sparks (!) and dragged me to misshapes. as we were walking in, yoko ono walked out and straight into a waiting bentley. seriously, she's about 4'0"

the dj on saturday turned out to be hedi slimane.

i almost lost my shit, because he's something of an idol to me, from his dior homme designs to his photography to his furniture...he's just kind of unstoppable. he wasn't a bad dj either, although he was doing it straight itunes style...the highlight for me was definitely when he dropped the cazals "poor innocent boys"


what is it about 1234 records? i really think that they're poised to be the next big deal label. still pissed that whitey hasn't blown up like he should yet


they played the records that we all know

as a follow up to last entry:

fannypack - "Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) (Double J and Haze UK Edit)"

from the always excellent fluxblog

not sure if i'll be able to make it to the juan maclean show at tribeca grand tomorrow night, but love this picture of him opening for lcd soundsystem at webster hall - have the exact same mpc & micro korg setup at my apartment...but i think i have more disco balls


it took a long time

snag annie 's"happy without you" (riton vocal mix) here.

now i feel like a sucker for preordering one of the "20 limited edition promo 12"" copies of the new "happy" singlefrom 679. (at least i picked up dfa 1979's "black history month" single at the same time)
(photo from annie's limp but endearing first nyc show at the tribeca grand a few months ago, via brooklynvegan. after refelecting on it, i think part of the reason why i didn't enjoy the show so much was that i was stuck behind a wall for most of it in the grand's weirdo upstairs space...)

i've been a big riton fan for a while now, the work he did for mylo on "drop the pressure" and "destroy rock and roll" is just filthy filthy.

by the by, anyone else think mylo's latest single "in my arms" is kinda weak? doesn't really have the smack-in-the-mouth qualities of some of his other songs.

speaking of northern europeans

kings of convenience - "i don't know what i can save you from" (royksopp mix)

on an unrelated note

celebrity sightings in my beloved bushwick are few and far between (save for the surreal morning last fall when i ran into the lead singer from tv on the radio on graham ave, but right when i was about to say something a fire hydrant opened up next to me and left me soaked...)

so you can imagine my delight when i spotted this guy riding his bike through the supermarket across the street from my apartment:

fancy! the producer/co-writer in bad babbysitter rap group fannypack. while not everyone would be excited about spying the self-proclaimed "gayest straight man in rap music", i think he's pretty awesome. not only do i like the fannypack silly ass tunes, but i remember drunkenly going up to him one night at the delancey a long time ago. i was all "hey...hey, aren't you down with fannypack or something?" and he's all "nice to meet you, i'm fancy." pure class.


you talk in hyperbolics

on saturday, skateboarding barefoot (although with a headband) on the roof at 3 am whilst clutching a handle of rum almost killed me. it didn't help that some jackass friend of mine kept yelling that i did not, contrary to whatever i thought at the time, look like stacey peralta:

now, work is kind of killing me.


download out hud's "how long", it's a great spastic summer track. (via funtime ok)


it just wasn't the same, somehow

finally figured out how to post pictures

so here are we go:

the dynamo, throwing down with casey spooner at deitch williamsburg:

possibly the cutsiest piece of graffiti ever, from paris in april:

the new, tall, elegant rich kid

check out tinyvices.com, it's a photo site run by vice's tim barber. lots of his stuff, plus a great "portfolio" section of other photographers' work.

(such as this richard kern piece)


but i haven't got a thing to wear

i love this guy's don'ts list culled from internet party pics, only sad thing is not only do i go to and love the parties that he mocks, but i kinda recognize most of the people there...

good time at Le One Night Stand at happy endings last night, felt sick and had to leave super early though...guess i missed all the action. (note: originally i was going to link to some silly naked pictures on the site that i saw earlier today, but they've been removed....)

at first i wasn't really feeling the new goldfrapp single, sounded just too much like the ewan pearson remix of "train". that was, until i saw the video for it...check out "ooh la la". now i'm kinda feeling it.


last night i had a dream about everyone here

following the trend, albeit a bit late, here are my top 5 albums of 2005 so far:

1. M.I.A. - Arular

2. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

3. Fischerspooner - Odyssey

4. Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger

5. Vitalic - OK Cowboy

hon mention: lcd soundsystem, tom vek, art brut, bloc party


girls don't like him, boys want to fight him

this white house press briefing transcript is pretty priceless


snag the mp3 for new ladytron track "destroy everything you touch" before it's too late

more soon.


there is a light and it never goes out

this is achingly beautiful - feist covering "lover's spit", one of my favorite broken social scene songs.

thoughts and heart go out to everyone impacted by the attack in london, i used to live a couple blocks from the edgware rd tube stop - a great, vibrant neighborhood. a true tragedy.


need to make a sound

my crush on M.I.A. is getting out of hand.

check out the new video for "bucky done gun" here.

boy racer

ok, fuck it. i love sufjan stevens too.

download "the man of metropolis steals our hearts" at now dot com.

definitely going to try and check out lindstrom and prins thomas at the fixed party at the tribeca grand on saturday. i dropped lindstrom's "there's a drink in my bedroom" at uncomun the other night, and it kinda killed.



life was meant to be awesome

good weekend.

bbq in wburg on saturday, ate too much corn.

on sunday i hit up the motherfucker party, missed the fever who played early in the night, but was there to hear dave p. drop that wink v. rapture erol alkan mix that always makes me go spastic.

and then last night the kids across the street almost burned bushwick to the ground with fireworks until 3 in the morning. it'll be sad to leave the 'wick at the end of the summer.


is this the way they say the future's meant to feel?

goals for july:

- get a haircut

- listen to tom vek all the time

- keep a close eye on the hilarious "nobody cares you're a dj" blog

and, on that note

off to eat more corn and keep an eye on the kids who are setting off bottle rockets across the street that are getting increasingly directed towards my window...

your girl got dicked by ricky powell