rumble young man rumble

in penance for spending more money than i should have this afternoon, i finally forced myself to record a practice mix. and now i'm throwing myself to the wolves by offering it for download. the first official disco-not-disco mix, i would really appreciate any thoughts/comments/kicks to the groin as i haven't played out in a while and need to get my shit together.

dj speedrail - i'm into s&m mix (35 min)


datarock - sex me
edu k - hot mama (sinden remix)
spank rock - bump (pink skull remix)
klaxons - golden skans (sebastiAn version 1.2.0 remix)
radiohead - idioteque
i am finn - i love you (van she remix)
polysics - ceolakanth is android (mstrkrft remix)
mr carta - cabelo voa
bo diddley - barbaro (bmore mix)
low budget - pork cops
mr carta - vem nha nha
the doors - light my fire (bird peterson bmore remix)



sleepless nights #3

it's finally starting to feel like winter, and not a moment too soon. only problem is that now the drafty parts of the apartment are impossible to ignore. luckily, liz is something of a wiz with trash bags and duct tape. shitty windows are a form of "ducts", aren't they?


went to the launch party for the new balance superteam 33 pack. i rarely stray far from beaverton, but these are just gorgeous. premium materials, fun by restrained colorways, and retarded attention to details. based on three different fish, the leather has slits on the toebox to make it look like scales.

r.e.m. - nightswimming

ghostface feat. cappadonna, shawn wigs, and trife - jellyfish

para one - midnight swim (surkin remix)

and the soles are fresh as hell too:

the only downside? the release party was weak. don't advertise "free beers on tap" if you're actually going to offer bottles of bud light for $7 each. i don't have a problem with paying for booze, but i do have a problem with the bait and switch.

luckily we had stopped at superfine on the way



where did you sleep last night

klaxons - golden skans (erol alkan remix)

after destroying our pumpkin, ashley was ready to go out.
but not before she and liz had one last dance.
in our "savalas is totally not that far" discussion, none of us realized that it was raining outside.but we made it there ok. which was good because the captain and the rest of the mad suspect crew were absolutely destroying it inside.
we danced.liz told josh secrets.
and molly wore bracelets.excellent time had by all. and then we walked home.
my bloody valentine - to here knows when



don't dance with strangers

what does tonight hold? mystery? daring dos? feats of strength?

chicks on speed - the floating pyramid over frankfurt

liars - drum gets a glimpse


by the by, i've been listening to "half breed" and "gypsies, tramps and thieves" all day. not going to post them, though, that's just too personal.



new lace sleeves

john, on our way to trash, london, c. 2002

pretty crazy, but after 10 years erol alkan et. al have shut down their weekly trash parties in london. i spent a few months in london in 2002 and went there every single fucking monday. and it was amazing. managed to see: lcd soundsystem, suicide, gonzales, feist, midnight mike, etc etc etc all perform live. really my first intro to the indie disco scene. hypebeast, sure.

peaches - rockshow (live at trash)

yeah yeah yeah - our time (live at trash)


tonight i'll be rolling into the east village to kick it at lit for a minute, the bbc crew is bringing a little taste of their filthy filthy beats. always a pleasure. check out a set of theirs over at blentwell.


unrelated, but awesome:

tittsworth - georgia

the three amigos - the ballad of the three amigos




new look for the site. undecided.

...and you will know us by the trail of the dead - source tags and codes

spank rock - what it look like


today, in pictures:liz and i started off with a healthy breakfast, then visited some of our neighborhood pals:
i wanted to show her a new piece of graffiti that i like down in the g train stop. luckily, she had her metrocard at the ready:
i stand in front of this every morning on the way to work:

could be a lot worse, yeah?



talk to me, dance with me

i'm going to be here, will you? not only did i have a fucking blast at element for the ed banger party, but druzzi, james fucking friedman and david b. kill it on the regular. see you there, i'll be wearing my new tshirt which has not received a very warm reception at work.

the rapture - w.a.y.u.h.

the rapture - love is all


if you haven't been recently, now is a good time to check out the always excellent slamxhype. they are currently conducting year end best-of questionnaires with streetwear luminaries from around the world. very interesting to see a split in opinion between the u.s., japan, and various euro locales. when will we stop sleeping on the air footscape wovens? for reals.


anyone get tickets to the arcade fire?


anyone remember this monster?

the aztec mystic - knights of the jaguar



tumbling walls buried me in the debris

top 10 songs of 2006

10. klaxons - atlantis to interzone

9. frankie valli and the four seasons - beggin' (pilooski edit)

8. plastic little - the jump off

7. the knife - we share our mother's health

6. destroyer - european oils

5. spank rock - sweet talk

4. justin timberlake feat. t.i. - my love

3. headman - moisture (mustapha 3000 remix)

2. lcd soundsystem - 45:33

1. justice - waters of nazareth


your girl got dicked by ricky powell