the greedy ugly people are not like us

no updates in a while, too busy getting my ass out of bushwick

for today, a bunch of music:

1. when i saw gonzales play at trash in october 2002 (this is a pic from that show), i never thought that he would make an album comprised entirely of solo piano music. and i certainly never thought it would be this good.

2. hefner will always have a place in my heart, with "my art college days are over" being the most out-of-place yet absurdly awesome song to play while driving on a road trip to montreal. snag "the hymn for the cigarettes" (via jamie's runout groove)

3. speaking of trash, check out the secret erol alkan live mix from july 2005 here (streaming real media). still haven't gotten around to shelling out for his mix cd at silly import prices at tower...



4. i'm not gonna argue on this one - the new kanye album is fuckin crazy good. (hell yeah, top pitchfork score of the year!) my favorite track so far, "touch the sky" (mp3 via stereogum).


halfway between the gutter and the stars

finally, the cobrasnake is getting the attention he deserves - and it's in wired! alls i know is that i love my bright pink puffy paint cobrasnake tshirt that i got a couple weeks ago, but every time i wear it i end up having a debaucherous night and its accompanying hangover. (link via brooklynvegan)

on an entirely different note, i'm really feeling the new amadou & mariam album, dimanche a bimako. check out the stream here. i have to say that i'm surprised, as i find most of nonesuch records' catalog insufferable. laurie anderson aside, of course.

it is somewhat shameful to post a link to an NYT sunday styles article...but here i go...i'm a gigantic fan of alexandre plokhov's cloak line of clothing, and i think there's something elegant about him being featured not for his uniquely wearable gothic-military pieces, but rather for his choice in espresso machines.


now you're all gone with your makeup on

thank god the new broken social scene album is coming soon...you forgot it in the people is so good that it makes me want to poke my eyes out. snag the free mp3 of new track "shoreline" off of the arts & crafts site

in other excellent free music news, check out moistworks for isolee, vitalic, and alan braxe tracks, along with a surprisingly non-snarky discussion of diskopunk/electro rock/indie dance scenes. anyone grab braxe's upper cuts yet?

on tuesday night i finally saw march of the penguins. amazing. i need to get a baby penguin. or at least an adult penguin that can keep me warm in the wintertime with its fuzzy, protective underbelly. all cuteness aside, though, it was the first time in a while that i've been in a movie theater when the entire audience would collectively coo or laugh or gasp at the on-screen images. there still remains a quality of film that, perhaps praying on innate human curiosity/naivete, can elicit a sense of wonder in the spectator that is impossible to recreate in other mediums. honestly, there's something amazing about being able to watch life, in motion, as it is in antarctica.


moral of the story, penguins are really fucking cute.

ladytron mp3? sure.

don't forget! tickets for the dungen shows at the bowery ballroom are on sale now


the deeper i spin

there's nothing quite like coming back from a hearty lunch of french toast and listening to achtung baby. let's get real, this album just doesn't give a fuck.

how rad is ryan mcginley?

check out the downloadable mixtape at kissatlanta. some great mp3's, especially the xiu xiu track.


get your payment from the nation

good time on saturday, here's a partially reconstructed setlist:

early set -

!!! - take ecstacy with me
out hud - how long
jamie lidell - newme
the count five - psychotic reaction
dungen - panda
m.i.a. - bucky done gun
tiger tunes - kirsten is a fuckmachine
david bowie - moonage daydream
robyn - konichiwa bitches
ears - happy dayz
the smiths vs. eminem - this charming shady
bloc party - she's hearing voices (erol alkan dub)
lcd soundsystem - tribulations (lindstrom mix)
the knife - pass this on (dahlback and dahlback mix)
lcd soundsystem - yeah (pretentious mix)

late night set:
chicks on speed - we don't play guitars (tiefschwarz black box mix)
annie - happy without you (riton vocal mix)
death from above 1979 - black history month (alan braxe & fred falke mix)
art brut - good weekend
queen and david bowie - under pressure
inxs - i need you tonight
toni basil - mickey
j. geils - centerfold


a little respect

doing some focus group work before i dj tonight, with the test subject being gizmo, my roommate's new puppy.


death from above 1979 - loves it
jamie lidell - kinda feeling it
kings of leon - not so much
queen and david bowie (under pressure) - loves it
dungen - hates it

so there we are.


i got a brand new pair of rollerskates

they announced the release of the next series of dvds from the directors label, who put out the great spike jonze, chris cunningham, and michel gondry compilations a while back. out in september: anton corbijn, johnathan glazer, mark romanek, and stephane sednaoui. i think romanek is the best of the bunch - probably would be my unpopular first choice over jonze, cunningham, and gondry as well - and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of his dvd as his music videos have become increasingly hard to find online. the video for lenny kravitz's "are you gonna go my way?" was one of the first videos that made me take short form film seriously. jay-z's "99 problems" is the best hip-hop video ever made and would definitely make my general top five list. i think the most influential, however, is the terribly underrated video for bowie's "jump, they say", which marks an aesthetic turning point in that it utilizes elements of high budget videos shot by fashion photographers (madonna by herb ritts, etc) as well as a futuristic narrative that, up to that point, had been poorly executed. not only did it birth such videos as blur's "the universal" and namecheck chris marker, but i think it can be seen as an early embodiment of murakami's superflat style...and bowie wears cool suits all the way through.

again, come see me spin on saturday

the knife
just can't be stopped.
snag the dahlback & dahlback remix of "pass this on" for weekend listening. someone smack me in the mouth if i forget to play it saturday night


i've met so many people who look the same

i was in a cab last night on mott st, and a scruffy, junkie-esque guy sitting on the curb next to a gorgeous female model caught my eye. or, more specifically, the dark glasses and tattoos caught my eye. of course it was terry richardson (link NSFW)...i'm a little bit torn, because i think his work is (or was) terribly important in an ivory tower the-interrogation- of-the-sexualized-image sort of way. that said, however, i thought his terryworld show at deitch a while back was fairly poor, and a friend of mine who did a test session with him said that he was unbearably creepy and offensive. it was pretty funny doing a good image search for him just now though, as it's almost impossibly to find a picture of terry that doesn't include his penis.

come to my show on saturday.

while too many bands to mention are good at stealing post-punk riffs and synth lines, i think that maximo park is by far the best at nailing the ian curtis spastic stage dance. check out the new video for "the coast is always changing"

did anyone else pick up one of the free she wants revenge cds at shit hammered on tuesday? not bad stuff, and their website is wonderfully ridiculous. while we're at it, i just can't get over what a great party shit hammered is. i hadn't gone in a few weeks and had forgotten what a great tuesday night it is. i love the fact that darryl nau spends so much time destroying the upstairs bar, this week it was covered with packing peanuts and cardboard boxes in addition to the usual ripped up porn magazines. class act. highlight of the night? doing jager shots to tom vek's "i ain't saying my goodbyes"


wonder if they'll ever know, they're in the bestselling show


take that sufjan, pitchfork has given dungen's ta de lungt a 9.3, the highest rating of the year so far. i'm super excited to pick up this album, it's only a matter of time before a coworker slaps me in the mouth for playing "panda" over and over again.

(i mean come on, this is what a rock band is supposed to look like)


man of steel, man of iron

pissed, think i might've slept on the last sufjan stevens show at the bowery

check out the video from his performance on kcrw

you used to be one of the rotten ones

interesting interview with video director chris cunningham over at pitchfork

your girl got dicked by ricky powell