right here we get loose

went to the spank rock show at the mercury lounge last night, and while spank rock totally tore the roof off the place, the real highlight was openers plastic little. these guys were fucking crazy good. not only were their flows tight and their beats filthy, but they namechecked fischerspooner in a verse about giving "electro girls" blow (note: that linked pic is from last tuesday at happy ending, i was sitting just to the left of the frame trying to find someone to do shots with me). just one more reason that i need to get my ass to philly.

plastic little - drizhollering

don't wait for tickets to the diplo/bonde do role/cansei de ser sexy show at the warsaw to sell out - i know it's hard to plan into the summer, but this show is going to be totally worth it. get tickets here!

bonde do role - melo do tabaco (a-trak remix)

cansei de ser sexy - meeting paris hilton


ghostride the whip

while it's somewhat shameful to admit, i'm beginning to feel like uncle oscar as i only have one pair of pants right now that both fits and is not torn to shit with rips and tears. it could be worse, as i love the pair of jeans that i've been rocking, but i need to do laundry today and it forces the question of - what do i wear to the laundromat? time to get another pair of pants...wicked boring way to start a post, i know, but i just had to get that off my chest.

ladytron - blue jeans

i also had a dream last night where i was kicking it with snake eyes and he had a segway. so i rode around on it and felt like gob.

the coup - cars and shoes

maybe all these things are just pointing to the fact that i have been watching too many arrested development dvds?

disco-not-disco faves the rub have a new ep of remixes available at the lab. most of these have been floating around on the internet for a while, but they're all fucking ridiculous. go buy it.

m.o.p. - ante up (dj eleven mix)


her ass is a spaceship

ok, i swear that this will, for real, be my last post about gnarls barkley for a while...just want to make sure that you all:

1. read the interesting interview on pitchfork

2. decide if you want to go to the show at webster hall

3. watch the "crazy" video

4. grab this song:
gnarls barkley - the boogie monster

now that we've got that sorted, go look at the world's cutest otters here and listen to this:

n.e.r.d. - she wants to move (dfa mix)


you gotta wrap your fuzzy in a big red bow

lots of exciting stuff going on this week. on sunday i went to the scissor sisters show at the bowery - what a scene. not only were liz and i standing next to anderson cooper, but in the balcony were: kylie minogue, karl lagerfeld (!), stephen gan, and ingrid sischy. and on the way downstairs to the bathroom i bumped into todd solondz and he gave me the crook eye. show was great, lots and lots of energy as per usual. the last time i saw the sisters was back in 2004 (?) at hammerstein, great to see them in a smaller venue than that. pretty standard setlist, all of the hits, plus a whole bunch of new material. highlight of the night for me was "filthy gorgeous" and a rollicking version of "music is the victim". only downside was that tiga was strictly on dj duty, no live material from sexor...let's just hope for a proper tour soon.

scissor sisters - the skins

can't stop listening to the new spank rock album, shit is filthy. snagged tickets to see them at mercury lounge on saturday, i'm ready to get all silly like

spank rock - sweet talk

spank rock - coke and wet

anyone headed to the a-trak/glc/the rub show at knitting factory on friday? i'm considering checking it out, but am worried i might have to work late...if you haven't already picked up a copy of the drive slow mixtape, don't sleep on it

glc - can't complain

the painting at the beginning of the post is a kehinde wiley, check out his crazy wburg loft profiled in new york magazine here



so the little bitches over at siteground where i had my server space set up have shut down my account because i was hosting mp3s. they are also threatening to "report" me. fuck. those. guys.

anyways, i'm going to look around for a new place to stash my files, so it might be a little while before i get back to posting new songs. sucks, because i had some good shit lined up for y'all.


i have forgiven jesus

morrissey's sincerity, while sometimes bordering on the absurd, is still kind of amazing after all of these years. picked up my copy of ringleader of the tormentors today, and upon listening to it i feel the same way i did when i first heard you are the quarry - the boy has still got it. and he certainly proves the point that all male singers should be required to start wearing suits upon reaching a certain age.

morrissey - dear god, please help me

morrissey - the youngest was the most loved

from you are the quarry:

morrissey - let me kiss you

i'll take any chance i can to post this guy:

the smiths - death of a disco dancer

and the only smiths cover i have ever heard that comes close to topping the original:

schneider tm - the light 3000


keep those windmills breezy

i got around to watching the new a-trak dvd last night, and while there's some dope battle and tour footage, the most surprising part for me was learning that a-trak is dave 1 from chromeo's little brother. at the beginning of the dvd theres a whole bunch of home videos of dave and chromeo pal p-thugg taking a young a-trak to competitions and shows in montreal...times like these that i wish i had a brother...

chromeo - you're so gangsta

chromeo - ah oui comme ca

pitchfork gave a really nice review to the new eagles of death metal record, death by sexy, today. i am definitely going to have to pick up the record stat. here's something from their first lp, peace love death metal:

eagles of death metal - stacks o' money

how about some sunny tuesday morning music? sure:

the long blondes - giddy stratospheres

the chi-lites - are you my woman (tell me so)

those same wrongs helped me write these songs

got my copy of the new a-trak dvd from the lab in the mail today, and while i haven't had time to take a look at it, i was cranking the free a-trak/glc mixtape that came with it. shit's hot:

glc - drive slow (a-trak remix)

glc - getting out our dreams

and here's a totally unrelated filthy rawk track i haven't been able to get out of my head:

northern lite - gone


i gotta stay fly

as anyone who has met me can attest, i am not goth by a long shot. but my friend nate is, so last night he, vicki, and amanda convinced me to go to a goth night at a club near penn station...needless to say much silliness ensued. i'm just glad i was able to stake out a prime seat next to the fog machine.

gary numan - are 'friends' electric?

nine inch nails - the hand that feeds (dfa mix)
(nb: why isn't any dj besides tim sweeney playing this out?)

after crashing at the studio we all went to brunch early this afternoon. while waiting for a table i was eyeing this girl's sunglasses and then realized that she was dining with the cobrasnake. of course we sat next to them.

the fitness - gianni v

tom waits - tom traubert's blues


shape of things to come

got a free copy of the ultra electro comp yesterday, and while most of the songs have been floating around for a while, good selection of a bunch of them in one place. my only real objection is the version of "warning siren" that is included, not sure if it holds a candle to the original:

tiefschwarz - warning siren (buick project remix)

tiefschwarz - warning siren (original)

watched 9 songs (winterbottom, 2004) last night for the first time, found it very interesting. basically a study in cinematic authenticity, the film attempts to portray sex/love and music in an honest manner. at certain points (such as the semi-tangental pieces about antarctica) 9 songs felt like a watered down version of the criminally underrated loss of sexual innocence (figgis, 1999) but the live concert footage was amazing. particularly nice to see primal scream throw down "movin on up"

primal scream - movin' on up

and for good measure

primal scream - shoot speed/kill light


how long has it been since dancing?

i'm going fucking mental because i was able to snag a pair of tickets to the tiga/scissor sisters show at the bowery ballroom on april 23rd! i saw the scissor sisters at hammerstein on their last tour, and it was ridiculous. i think it also added to the experience that after the show i had to go and hang around a recording studio until 5 am for work...probably most excited about seeing tiga live though, anyone see him yet?

scissor sisters - comfortably numb (tiga vocal mix)

felix da housecat - madame hollywood (tiga mix)

i've been going through all my old mp3s, trying to give things a second pass that i haven't listened to in a while. the nuggets comp of early psych/garage rock has fully got its teeth in me. a little taste:

kim fowley - the trip

gant - wonder


put down my dollar bill, took off my mink

it's about that time...after a record number of entries, the winner of the lady sovereign contest is veronica from austin! congrats to veronica and thanks to everyone for entering. stay tuned for more disco-not-disco giveaways in the near future...

some good shows coming up in the nyc area soon, flavorpill alerted me to rjd2 and beans spinning at the first fridays party at the guggenheim this friday. can't say that i've seen either of 'em dj before, but i saw beans perform live a coupe of years ago and it was nuts - his mpc died about halfway through so he did the second part of his set totally acapella.

beans - phreek the beet (prefuse 73 instrumental mix)

rjd2 - 2 more dead

on april 22nd ghostface is coming to the nokia theater - and he's bringing slick rick and papoose with him. i went to the nokia theater for the first time a couple of weeks ago to see the pogues. heard a lot of shit about the venue before i went, but besides the standard $9 beers it wasn't bad. and the towers of london were opening so that was pretty silly...!

papoose feat bun-b, maino, wc - we are the streets

the pogues - wild cats of kilkenny

none of y'all got an excuse for not having these tracks already:

a-ko - soul '69

orbital - halcyon (bon jovi v. belinda carlisle)
go to the 5:50 mark on this one...pop perfection...


part two, are you ready

good weekend of staying out late and sleeping in even later. got a chance to catch up on listening to new music, though most of it has been new tracks from old standbys

in the remix game, i really think that adrock has been shafted. working under the "smallstars" moniker, he's put out some bangers. my favorite was the remix of the juan maclean's "by the time i get to venus". unfortunately, the 12" that i have has gotten warped to shit...regardless, there's a new smallstars remix on lady sov's vertically challenged ep. check it out:

lady sovereign - a litte bit of shhh (smallstars mix)

erol alkan remixing hot chip? match made in heaven? hell yeah:

hot chip - boy from school (erol alkan extended rework)

and, for good measure:

death from above 1979 - romantic rights (erol alkan re-edit)

got the heads up from hint today about a new guy bourdin book that's coming out through steidl in the next couple of months. looks pretty interesting

speaking of pretty interesting, my first impression of the new dj shadow tracks is positive, but i'm not crazy about it yet:

dj shadow (feat. keak da sneak and turf talk) - freaks

anyone else notice that spoon's "i turn my camera on" is featured in the new (very sexy) jaguar tv campaign? just wish they had used this mix:

spoon - i turn my camera on (john mcentire mix)


we stole your beat

can't get this gnarls barkley track out of my head, it's slowly creeping up the play count ladder of my itunes at work...and i don't even like danger mouse that much...

gnarls barkley - crazy

i was poking around the newly revamped website for avenue d, the queens of filthy electro goodness, and it turns out one of them just got married! i guess that's good for her...

avenue d - my dirty south

and a weekend wouldn't be complete without some space disco thrown in the mix:

lindstrom and prins thomas - plukk og pirk

your girl got dicked by ricky powell