chemical sweet girl

exciting shows coming up in the city in the next few days:

tonight at the delancey, annie is playing with elkland and datarock. i can only hope that this show will be better than the clusterfuck at the tribeca grand a few months ago...really, i'm more excited to see the opening bands. elkand has quietly charmed me with their completely unapologetic synthpop. (and how can you not like a band who jumps at the chance to open for the aging pet shop boys?) datarock, on the other hand, totally blew me away from the first time i heard them. i snagged "i used to dance with my daddy" off of fluxblog a while back, and have been playing it out in my dj sets ever since. ridiculous. and check out the matching tracksuits! and they're norwegian!

next week one of my new faves, brakes, are playing at piano's on the 3rd and 4th. "heard about your band" has been in heavy rotation at the office, my favorite line is "you shared a cab with karen o, oh oh!!"

i have a new musical obsession: white rose movement's "love is a number" (real media video stream). i think it might be paul epworth's best production to date, much less restrained than his work for bloc party, rakes, et al.


daydream nation

long time since last post. and there we are.

while lots has been going on in the past few weeks, i think instead of writing about it y'all should just go check out this video of fifth graders recreating devo's "whip it" video. here. it's amazing.

the other day in a fit of i-don't-have-any-money-so-i'll-buy-an-artbook i picked up a copy of Live Through This: New York in the Year 2005. put out by deitch, it's a great survey of the "downtown" art scene in new york, and it's co-edited by a girl that was a couple years ahead of me at dartmouth. my favorite sections are the ones on dash snow, ryan mcginley, and, of course, phiiliip/avenue d. top by dash snow, bottom by ryan mcginley; from tinyvices.com

tim sweeney is one of nyc's most underrated djs, and quickly becoming one of my favorites. check out the website for his weekly radio show beats in space, lots of great playlists and streaming dj mixes. recent hot mixes include prins thomas and superpitcher.

banana nutrament, one of the best mp3 blogs out there, has a great "vote for miss indie rock 2005" poll going on right now.

oh, on a side note, i think what's going on with kate moss right now is beyond silliness. i mean really.


pictures of lily

got a bunch of film developed.

-nate, straight hip-hop

-liz is totally being seduced by me, pre my mental patient haircut

-"croissant french toast? hell yeah"

-lit makes calvin sleepy

-from the first fischerspooner show at the canal room in may. unsurprisingly, this was the best photo that i got while employing my drunken-hand-in-the-air-above-the-crowd photo technique

your girl got dicked by ricky powell