breaking glass in your room again

in a fit of work-related self-pity, i picked up a copy of the new criterion edition of the man who fell to earth (nicolas roeg, 1976) the other day. fuck is this movie great. the new digital transfer really adds an extra element to roeg's usual landscape-driven narratives, as well as giving extra punch to the almost ridiculously orange/pink hair that bowie sports in the film. sadly, the extra features don't venture far beyond the usual "it was so amazing to work on this project!" cast interviews. the only notable exception being audio commentary from costume designer may routh.

speaking of david bowie, here's a gem from sifl & olly creater and man-about-town liam lynch:

liam lynch - fake bowie song (eclipse me)

and, for kicks

liam lynch - united states of whatever

while i do really appreciate the man who fell to earth, it still doesn't hold a candle to roeg's debut performance (1970) in my opinion. anyone know where i can get a dvd copy of this one? i had a vhs copy a while back, but i think it got left in some dorm room in new hampshire a few years ago...until i manage to rustle up the dvd, i'll just have to be content with the soundtrack:

mick jagger & ry cooder - memo from turner

(photo: guy bourdin)


country sad ballad man

grand national finally saw a stateside release for kicking the national habit yesterday. expecting good things for them in 2006, they've already had huge success in the uk and throughout europe. i'm especially excited to catch them when they open for hot chip on the 11th

grand national - peanut dreams

well, i guess it's time to talk about destroyer.

i'm not going to jump into the already overcrowded critical discussion of destroyer, i'm just gonna say that "3000 flowers" transitions nicely into devendra banhart's "now that i know" in my itunes library. let's leave it at that.

destroyer - rubies

destroyer - 3000 flowers

vice records has picked up another nice addition to their tidy little catalog - electro-stompers justice. best known for their take on simian's "never be alone again" - which, for a while, was seemingly a required inclusion on any and all mix cds - but their new stuff is absolute fucking craziness. sort of what i imagine t. raumschmiere would be like if he was a little bit squelchier.

justice - waters of nazareth

lastly, just when you thought there wasn't room for any more bloc party remixes, disco-not-disco reader greg turned me on to this mix featuring peaches. it is out of control:

bloc party - helicopter (weird science mix feat. peaches)

and why not:

the lemonheads - into your arms


on a sound system 50 stories high

struggling to get motivated to head in to work, let's take things up a notch:

gold chains - rock the parti

spalding rockwell - vicious

the mooney suzuki - in a young man's mind

p. diddy - jack u (felix da housecat mix)

on a smoother note, there's a really great article about sam cooke in the most recent new york times review of books. check it out if you get a chance.


who are the mystery girls?

late night dj'ing yesterday. i woke up at 6:30 pm today, don't think i've slept that late since sophomore year at college...i'm trying to remember a rough setlist of what i dropped at the show, but i think it's gonna be an exercise in futility. thank you sparks (!).

but here's a song that absolutely killed last night:

the temptations - papa was a rolling stone (cosmo baker applause remix)

and one song that was a total failure (even though it's an awesome track!):

cansei de ser sexy - let's make love and listen to death from above

speaking of cosmo baker, the new lemon-red mix is up for february - and there are three killer mixes from the guys behind dj/remix/production powerhouse the rub.

lots of blogosphere (did i just use that word? smack me in the mouth..) action surrounding the new yeah yeah yeahs single "gold lion" - especially over whether or not the diplo remix does justice to the original. i think part of the problem is that most people - including me until very recently - were listening to a low-quality mp3 taken from the middle of diplo's set from the guggenheim. take a listen to this version of the remix which has been pitch corrected, and grab the original version as well.

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion (corrected diplo mix)

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion

and peep the video here

lastly, did you really think i'd hold out on y'all?

prince - black sweat


sex and dying in high society

lots of great action this weekend:

friday - night time at don hill's with optimo, justine d, and dave p

saturday - me me me me

sunday - motherfucker with live performance by the new york dolls (!)

as such,

new york dolls - puss 'n boots

new york dolls - babylon

and while we're on a glam kick:

t. rex - 20th century boy (hoxton whores 2005 white label mix)

finally, here's the mp3 for disco-not-disco's early pick for song of the year:

mstrkrft - easy love


that summer feeling

holiday themed posts? well, i did one for fleet week, so i guess i should throw some valentine's stuff out there. some love songs for y'all:

joy division - she's lost control

beth orton - touch me with your love

avenue d - orgasmatron

hermin's hermits - mrs brown you've got a lovely daughter

(surprisingly, "mrs brown" never sets off a crowd like i think it will when i dj...)


these are your orders, seems like it's do it or die

long day at work. couple songs that were stuck in my head all day as i squinted at an ancient version of illustrator:

tenor saw - ring the alarm

the rapture - killing

pretty excited about the hot chip show coming up on march 11th at bowery ballroom. not only does "over and over" have possibly the best lyrics of any song to have dropped in the past six months (ok, discounting "how the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans?"), but the dfa remix of "just like we (breakdown)" has been killing dancefloors all over the city recently. take it:

hot chip - just like we (breakdown) (dfa mix)


hot chip - down with prince

i've been debating over whether or not to post a couple tracks from the new tiga record, sexor, since i think it's absolutely imperative that everyone pick up a copy of this album right fucking now. but i guess a little tease can't hurt:

tiga - the ballad of sexor

tiga - far from home

psyched to see that pitchfork gave silent shout an 8.6!

while i'm not a huge one for greatest hits collections, the new cd & dvd package from blondie, sound & vision, looks pretty good. set to drop on march 7th, it includes a pretty slick mashup of "rapture" with "riders on the storm". listen to a streaming copy of "rapture riders" here.

and for all you debbie harry heads out there, here's the full tracklist:
1. Heart Of Glass
2. Sunday Girl
3. Atomic
4. Call Me
5. The Tide Is High
6. Rapture
7. Maria
9. Rip Her To Shreds
10. Denis
11. Picture This
12. Fade Away (And Radiate)
13. Hanging On The Telephone
14. One Way Or Another
15. Dreaming
16. Union City Blue
17. Island Of Lost Souls
18. Good Boys (Blow-Up mix) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
19. End To End

Bonus Track: Rapture Riders - Blondie vs The Doors PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED


high school dance cool

finally got my dj setup back in working condition this weekend - for future reference, don't get all hopped up on sparks (!) and rip apart the volume faders on a mixer via sloppy mixing, it's a bitch to fix - so check back real soon for the first official downloadable speedrail mix.

here are two songs that will most definitely be on said mix:

bonde do role - funk da esfiha

out hud - it's for you (rub n tug panarava mix)

new tiga! if you haven't copped sexor yet, get the fuck on it.

lots of great music videos have been popping up so far this year, here's a quick list of my favorites:

1. hot chip - over and over

2. colder - to the music

3. arctic monkeys - when the sun goes down


everybody out there needs a hero

sounds like the new yeah yeah yeahs record, show your bones, should be a fun summer record. at least if diplo has anything to say about it:

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion (diplo mix)

today mylo's destroy rock and rock finally sees a proper stateside release, which has certainly been a long time coming. if you haven't already copped an import, make sure to pick this up stat. let's get real, you know and love all the songs already.

here's a real audio stream of "doctor pressure" (feat. miami sound machine)

to tide you over for the reast of the day, here's an oldie but goodie:

a.r.e. weapons - saigon disco

your girl got dicked by ricky powell