jazzin for blue jeans

i've been getting a lot of shit from friends and coworkers recently because i've taken to wearing white jeans, most often rolled up several inches above the tops of my shoes. apparently, according to flavorpill-sponsored style newsletter the jc report, i am not an asshole but rather an early adopter. eat it.

david bowie - fashion

belle and sebastian - a summer wasting

bobby byrd - hot pants (i'm coming, coming, i'm coming)


if you're in the nyc area, come by to check out my dj set at the late night series at the blue note down on w. 3rd. it really is one of the most fabled jazz clubs in the world, so i'm not entirely sure why they're having me (who's current top five includes such luminaries as plastic little...), but it should be a fun time. i go on around midnight. more info here

the clash - jimmy jazz

dave van ronk - cocaine blues

sonic youth - winner's blues


can the crowd dance fast enough?

just when y'all thought i couldn't wax on about spank rock any more, they've gone and dropped a crazy new video. "rick rubin", the latest single, didn't jump off the album like some of the other cuts (read: "sweet talk," "coke and wet," "far left") but it's sure as fuck grown on me.

spank rock - rick rubin

watch the video

coldcut - true skool (spank rock mix)


the knife, another band who i can always praise if i'm too bored to think of another topic to discuss, has also come out with a new video. created by animator motomichi nakamura, the video for "we share our mother's health" pulses with a strange violent sexuality that is hard to describe. the energy of strict restraint?

interesting - i took a break from writing this to read through some of the stuff on motomichi's website, and this is what he has to say about the (loose) conccept of the video:

One of the film's concepts was to express pain in suggestive ways. Funny thing is that coincidently I had undergone nasal and septal surgery at the beginning of the project, and because of that I was in pain and my nose was still bleeding during the first two weeks of production (sorry for being so graphic...). Well, anyways enjoy the film!

indeed, enjoy the film here

and grab the song:

the knife - we share our mother's health


a new freeform five remix? always good news. a freeform five remix of a new female artist who can carry off the indie-soul pose with style? and she's from brooklyn? well fuck me. check out this track from alice smith, who apparently may or may not be my future wife:

alice smith - love end (freeform five mix)

freeform five - eeeaaooww


lastly, as if the phone-losing-celeb-spotting exploits of tuesday night weren't enough, they've been documented on last night's party. josh and i apparently were about to flank out to search for my phone. or at least it looks like someone was about to tell me to take off my silly ass green hat and shave my goddamned face. eh.



that tastes like hair spray

just pissed on ya coat!

what a silly silly night last night. fuck. but first things first. i was out with nevaris and josh, and nevaris told a(nother) story about growing up in nyc. apparently a friend of his went to p.s. 75 in manhattan, and in elementary school a troublemaker went and peed on all of his classmates coats.

that kid would grow up to be mekhi phifer.

from pissing on some kid's coat to clockers? sure.

sinead o'connor - the emperor's new clothes


last night started out with a scouting trip to the venue for saturday's show, from where a few people transitioned down to the les. we were going to make a quick appearance at shit hammered and call it an early night, but some jackass forgot his i.d. back at the studio on 37th st.

so we all had to trudge to midtown to get this fool's wallet.

finally, we take a cab back downtown and get out on broome. we're rounding the corner to go into happy ending, when i go to check my messages and find that i have left my cel phone in the cab. now, some people are constantly leaving phones in cabs/on trains/whatever.

i am not one of those dudes.

my last phone i had for close to 6 years wihout incident.

panicked, i make everyone start dialing my phone. luckily, someone answers it. unluckily, it is not the cab driver, but rather his next fare, who is one of a gaggle of girls "headed to plumm!"

so we head back uptown.

when we get to 14th st., we are greeted with a big "by entering you agree to be filmed by LAST NIGHT'S PARTY" poster on the door of plumm and head in. place is packed. oh, and lady sovereign is throwing down at the front of the room

lady sovereign - random (menta remix feat. riko)

i had totally spaced on the trashion party that has sprung up there on tuesdays, but shit seems to be taking off. at this point, it's nearing 2 am and everyone is tired as fuck. i've basically given up any hope of finding my phone and start getting ready to leave. but who's that in the bright white fred perry v-neck standing next to me at the bar? mike skinner? huh.

the streets - blinded by the lights

the streets - don't mug yourself

the streets - when you wasn't famous

while josh heads over to toss him some promos, i accidentally bump into a girl who is standing to the other side of me at the bar. a girl who is squinting at a razr with googly eye stickers all over it. she's got my phone!

adult. - hand to phone (cordless mix)

not only did i get my phone back, but these three girls had apparently been reading through some text messages that had been coming in and proceeded to bombard me with questions about every one of them.

x - your phone's off the hook, but you're not


it's later than i thought and i gotta bounce and go to work - no time to go back and put interesting links in the above section, i'll do it this afternoon



i find you in this motel 6 with all these guns

how is it that calvin lives in l.a. but is still way more plugged into the nyc music scene than anyone else i know? well, that's just how he rolls i guess...he tossed me info yesterday about a release party going down on friday for the new cut chemist lp. click here for full flyer

dj shadow - the number song (cut chemist remix)

speaking of remixes/remakes of classics, here's one that's been floating around for a while but is still fucking nuts:

mark ronson feat. alex greenwald - just

and don't sleep on the video for this track


the posthumous j dilla album, the shining, will be dropping on b.b.e. music on august 22nd. got my hands on one of the new tracks:

j dilla feat. pharoahe monche - love


durrr durrr durrrrr

jay-z. fucking amazing. check out some initial reviews here and here. i'll post more (with pics!) tomorrow.

after the show, went to the tribeca grand for the kitsune x fixed night. i was pretty beat, so we only stayed for a little under an hour, but our french friends threw down nice and hard. judging by the crowd's spastic reaction, it looks like it might be sooner than i thought that stateside audiences will embrace the fierce durrr sounds of justice and the like. i'm thinking that the new mstrkrft lp will be the watershed moment? july 18th, muhfucker.

mstrkrft - street justice

mstrkrft - work on you

the gossip - listen up! (mstrkrft relick)

polysics - ceolakanth is android (mstrkrft remix)

and would y'all please buy waters of nazareth already?!

justice - waters of nazareth (erol alkan's durrr durrr durrrrrr re-edit)

justice - let there be light (dj funk remix)


i can't stop sneezing - is it possible that i have legionnaire's?



think she's going to the prom

the inspiration?

i just copped this new plastic little joint from over at callmemickey. it's nuts:

plastic little feat. spank rock, diplo - now i holler

but wait...is that....it can't be...oh it is:

p.j. harvey - down by the river

plastic little opening for spank rock was one of the best live sets i've seen recently, and this track might just push them to group-of-the-summer status. although i think anybody that used a p.j. harvey song to make a filthy beat and sex-laced hook would have a lock on that position.


can't knock the hustle

oh that's right. got tickets to the "rehearsal" jay-z show at nokia tonight. fuck yeah! i know he's supposed to be getting ready to drop all of reasonable doubt at radio city, but i'm hoping he spits some other classics as well...alls i know is that i plan to lose my shit when "friend or foe" kicks off.

jay-z - 99 problems instrumental

jay-z - (always be my) sunshine

jay-z & danger mouse - change clothes



you're so gangsta

i do kinda miss the old place...

ridiculous ridiculous week - promise to start getting back on a regular posting schedule this weekend. still playing catch up from being out of the city last week.

in continuing my current obsession with the parisian music scene, i'm super excited about the kitsune-themed fixed party at the tribeca grand tomorrow night. not only is it a return of the we are 138 crew to the tribeca (i think don hill's is ok, but there have been some epic nights at the grand - m.a.n.d.y., dj hell, and whitey, i'm looking at y'all...) but kitsune founders and true aesthetes gildas and masaya make a rare stateside appearance. don't sleep on this one. rsvp to weare138nyc at yahoo.com

and some kitsune-related hotness:

munk - disco clown (2005 digitalism remix)

the cazals - poor innocent boys

joakim - teenage kiss

and some fixed-related hotness:

m.a.n.d.y. - home again



guess who's back in the motherfuckin' house

back in the city, good vacation, got to chill down on the cape and up in boston with some of the old crew. more details later. off to work!

frank zappa - status back baby

cornershop - funky days are back again

terror danjah feat. hyper, bruza, d double e, and riko - cock back v 1.2


don't know when i'll be back again

things i will be missing when i'm out of town:

1. !!! at northsix.
2. big fun at union pool - and it's true, erin (the one driving the car in the flyer) really does look exactely like that. she's featured in this month's nylon and will be covering my ass at work next week...
3. the world cup drop at alife rivington club

!!! - feel good hit of the fall

sonic youth - eric's trip

whitey - halfway gone

billy bragg and wilco - another man's done gone

robert johnson - traveling riverside blues


it's a long shot, but i will be in boston tonight dj'ing a gig with full stealth at heather's request. shit should get pretty crazy and i'm fairly certain the bar is open. if you are in the boston/cambridge area and want more info, drop me a line at disconotdisco at gmail dot com

bobby conn - home sweet home

dj ayres - broke ass home

the rolling stones - 2000 light years from home


bump out to the borderline

bold move by the fader - the music issue is offered for free as a downloadable pdf. snag it on itunes or right here.

haven't gone all the way through it yet, but there is a nice piece on ed banger records (home to justice, zongamin, uffie, etc)

dj mehdi - have fun with nas

going away to cape cod for a few days, escape from the city and what not. get ready, got lots of interesting shit and contests and puns lined up for the next few weeks

t. raumschmiere - down in the sea while watching the stars

roxy music - sea breezes

days of wine and roses

i'm so pissed that i'm going to be out of town this weekend and miss the nike woven world cup kits dropping at alife. i'm not usually one to camp out in front of a sneaker store, but i was seriously considering it for these. fuck.

late to work! no time to pick up the laundry! dirty clothes and flip flops again!

cabaret voltaire - seconds too late

the streets - it's too late

annie - always too late



new noise

bunch of new music coming out - today zero 7 drop the garden, which features a bevy of guest artists including disco-not-disco fave jose gonzales. album is a pretty solid chunk of laid back pop that luckily never slides into cliched electronic fiddlings. reminds me a lot of the beta band at certain points.

zero 7 feat. jose gonzales - left behind

zero 7 - this fine social scene

the beta band - broke

click here for a full album stream of the garden


almost finished with gary shteyngart's new novel, absurdistan, and am thoroughly enjoying it. he handles issues as diverse as post-soviet russian identity, judaism, filial piety, caspian sea oil, sex, and halliburton with deft and quick prose that is a pleaseure to read. i also like it because he namechecks wburg on a surprisingly regular basis, and this passage hit fairly close to home:

All over America, the membrane between adulthood and childhood had been eroding, the fantastic and the personal melding into one, adult worries receding into a pink childhood haze. I've been to parties in Brooklyn where men and women in their mid-thirties would passionately discuss the fine points of The Little Mermaid or the travails of their favorite superhero. Deep inside, we all wished to have communion with that tiny red-haired bitch. (p. 230)

alls i'm saying is that i've definitely played to crowds at galapagos comprised mostly of mid-thirties brooklynites, and i've definitely been known to drop "under the sea" to great approval.


fuck. fine. here you go:

thom yorke - atoms for peace

thom yorke - harrowdown hill

yeah, so i got my hands on an advance copy of the eraser the other day, and after a few cursory listens, it's not bad. i am nowhere close to being a huge radiohead fan (i certainly know enough of them...) but i found this album to be a charming piece of lo-fi pop. little touches of synthy electro here and there, but nothing revolutionary. quite nice. even though i know that rabid radiohead peeps out there would decry "nice" as blasphemy, that's just how i found the album to be. i mean, how different are the above tracks than this one (from four years ago)?

schneider tm - frogtoise

no offense to thom, but i'll stick with the classics

radiohead - high and dry

radiohead - street spirit (fade out)


junkies keep on scoring

(photo: me on my first birthday, note the baby wallabees and abnormally large cranium. i'd like to think that's a Kool in my hands, but i think it's just a Newport...)

went to a pool party out in connecticut for work yesterday. felt a little bit like i was in a cobranskae photo series, lounging around a pool and drinking beers. 'cept that nobody was wearing $400 hoodies. unfortunately, i got violently ill just before we left, which meant that i not only threw up all over the side of shane's car but also that when we pulled over to the side of the road i threw up all over a snapping turtle. the turtle didn't look mad so much as confused.

matthew sweet - sick of myself

the stills - animals and insects


pitchfork really tore into the new primal scream album today. justified? maybe, i've only heard a couple tracks. but let's get real, i think primal scream is one of those bands who at this point can do anything and we shouldn't really give a fuck. almost in the same vein as how alec empire can get away with his mille plateaux junk because he started atr.

primal scream - country girl (live)

primal scream - country girl (video)

primal scream - get your rocks off

primal scream - loaded


everybody loves an 808

since listening to waters of nazareth all day yesterday, i've found myself with an insatiable thirst for squelchy music. the kind that is all distorted midranges and breakdown after breakdown. not so much in a josh wink hands-in-the-air kind of way, but more like this:

skkatter - madonna is a filthy slut

david carretta - vicious game

swayzak - speak easy

the mfa - the difference it makes (superpitcher mix)


blood on all the shoes you've worn

when the only reason i got out of bed on saturday was because i had to go to another party i should've known it would end up being one of those weekends. the kind where you spend the majority of it in a drunken haze, possibly (read: probably) embarassing yourself and those close to you in a variety of public places. at one point i gave a b-list celebrity a high five after asking him if he smoked weed (although it is important to note that i wasn't offering him any nor was i asking for some). i'm not entirely sure, but i think that at one point i poured beer on a friend and yelled "let's get this shit started!" and i think they poured beer right back on me while scowling.

irrrrregardless, i quit smoking, so i think i'm allowed some leeway for a while.


and nothing i did this weekend looks like it would hold a candle to the release party for justice's waters of nazareth ep. check out the video featuring justice, erol alkan, mr. oizo, uffie, and dj funk

justice - waters of nazareth

scenario rock - skitzo dancer (justice remix)

uffie - pop the glock (curtis vodka remix)

headman - moisture (mustapha3000 remix)

(and yes, "mustapha3000" is erol alkan)


burlesque attitude

quitting smoking, day six: think i've definitely turned a corner. don't feel as terrible as i did the first few days, and while i want a cigarette like nothing else, i'm pretty confident that i can make it. (!)


happy birthday to amanda!

chicks on speed - glamour girl

in other friends of disco-not-disco news, local boy made good destrosound will be throwing down at sin-e on monday at 9. swing by if you're around to check out his goldie-meets-tv on the radio stylings.


what the fuck was going on with youtube last night? i was trying to look at something at around 1 am last night and this is what greeted me. quirky error message? lame hack?


in a surprisingly not surprising turn of events, this has become my new favorite video and simon rex has become my new favorite musical artist. while i don't have any evidence as of yet, i'm pretty sure calvin must have had something to do with this whole thing.

beck - truckdrivin' neighbors downstairs

fischerspooner - l.a. song

gold chains - no. 1 face in hip hop



outside chance

quitting smoking, day five: dare i say i think things are starting to get better? still bored out of my skull, but the dull ache in my eyes has gone away. fingers crossed.

new order - shellshock


some rumblings recently about a remastered, deluxe version of different class to be released in the fall. anyone know if this is true or just mere speculation? i can't say that i'm a huge fan of remastered releases (sonic youth is one of my all time favorites but i haven't heard a single track off of the recent reissues), but i'd be interested to see if there are any b-sides and/or bonus material

pulp - live bed show

pulp - common people


all the "clear channel sucks!" bullshit aside, i'm pretty excited at the prospect of mccarren pool becoming a concert venue. not only is the space like something out of a fellini film, but it's about 3 blocks from my apartment. selfish, i know.

what i'm not crazy about are the prices - i like bloc party and the secret machines as much as the next guy, but fuckin $50 a ticket? might take my chances and stand outside of a bar across the street instead.

bloc party - two more years (mstrkrft remix)

the secret machines - lightning blue eyes


your girl got dicked by ricky powell