these are your orders, seems like it's do it or die

long day at work. couple songs that were stuck in my head all day as i squinted at an ancient version of illustrator:

tenor saw - ring the alarm

the rapture - killing

pretty excited about the hot chip show coming up on march 11th at bowery ballroom. not only does "over and over" have possibly the best lyrics of any song to have dropped in the past six months (ok, discounting "how the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans?"), but the dfa remix of "just like we (breakdown)" has been killing dancefloors all over the city recently. take it:

hot chip - just like we (breakdown) (dfa mix)


hot chip - down with prince

i've been debating over whether or not to post a couple tracks from the new tiga record, sexor, since i think it's absolutely imperative that everyone pick up a copy of this album right fucking now. but i guess a little tease can't hurt:

tiga - the ballad of sexor

tiga - far from home

psyched to see that pitchfork gave silent shout an 8.6!

while i'm not a huge one for greatest hits collections, the new cd & dvd package from blondie, sound & vision, looks pretty good. set to drop on march 7th, it includes a pretty slick mashup of "rapture" with "riders on the storm". listen to a streaming copy of "rapture riders" here.

and for all you debbie harry heads out there, here's the full tracklist:
1. Heart Of Glass
2. Sunday Girl
3. Atomic
4. Call Me
5. The Tide Is High
6. Rapture
7. Maria
9. Rip Her To Shreds
10. Denis
11. Picture This
12. Fade Away (And Radiate)
13. Hanging On The Telephone
14. One Way Or Another
15. Dreaming
16. Union City Blue
17. Island Of Lost Souls
18. Good Boys (Blow-Up mix) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
19. End To End

Bonus Track: Rapture Riders - Blondie vs The Doors PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED


Tal said...

got some new hot chip tracks on my blog for you to check out. have fun :)

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