all night disco party

good weekend. although i was kinda pissed at first, i think following doctor's advice and not drinking myself stupid more nights than not every week is a good change. now it means when i do end up drunk in a desperate search for generic brand doritos on delancey st at 4:30 am i can really appreciate it more.

great week coming up

the long blondes make their US debut at cake shop on thursday - super excited to see them, been all about the band since hearing "giddy stratospheres" in the middle of an erol alkan mix a while back. they're also playing at the fixed party on saturday, which will probably be the crazier of the two shows, but

uncomun is on saturday. y'all should come see me dj at galapagos. i'm considering giving some of my electro-pop standards a rest this week and trying out some new stuff. i'll probably end up just playing datarock over and over. let's get real.

i gave william burroughs' the place of dead roads another shot the other day. wasn't really feeling it when i first picked it up a couple of years ago, but it's fucking dope. even though it's one of his less polemically-hysteric works, it has a strange textbook/scholarly overtone to it that gives the sci fi sexual cowboy religious political crusader thriller narrative a nice creepiness.

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