the kids still don't have a radio station to believe in

i really don't know if i can stand much more talk of how dope the M.I.A. shows were...since i wasn't able to get a ticket, i decided to stay in last night and listen to Arular while smoking Pall Malls and drinking Sparks (!)....so i'm not sweating it either

question of the day: can i really be that guy wearing a diesel-u-music pin to the diesel-u-music party tonight? have to say i'm excited to see out hud, regardless

how long before Vitalic starts being featured in iPod ads? or will the breakthrough be when "the past" is used in the next danny boyle movie? fer real, stop sleeping on it and pick up OK Cowboy - listening to it while riding the JMZ makes me feel like i'm in blade runner or something.

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