people on ludes should not drive cars

good weekend. birthday party at the delancey friday night, then checked out Cut at bar eleven for the first time. of course i missed princess superstar, of course i almost knocked myself unconscious on the disco ball downstairs, of course junior sanchez was spinning (i don't know who's stalking who at this point), and of course it was awesome.

went to Misshapes on saturday for the killers/louis XIV afterparty - i should've known that something wasn't right when we showed up early for the open Sparks (!) bar, only to be presented with rolling rock instead....bitches....party was ok, brandon flowers showed up in a pretty dope white jacket, etc. etc. got real crowded and friends that came to meet up couldn't get in, so we rolled out early and closed down Lit. again.

i have to say that i was pretty impressed by the singer from louis XIV - when we were leaving misshapes he was waiting outside, not being let in. apparently nobody recognized him, but instead of pulling a "do you know who i am?! don't mess with the Roc!" he just patiently called his friends on his phone and waited for people to come out and get him...class act....

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