when i say "stupid" i mean "stupid fresh"

still sick


this mp3 of ted leo covering "since you've been gone" with a yeah yeah yeahs "maps" interlude is just enough to raise my spirits. and by "raise my spirits" i do, of course, mean dance around my apartment in my boxers

setlist from saturday night in a few


100% Boricua said...

i have to agree that the ted leo cover of kelly clarkson's "since you've been gone" spiced up with a tidbit of "maps" thrown-in is pretty fucking dope.

but it can't hold a candle to the kidz bop version. read: kids dressed like animals, moshing on and around a stage is a glorious site to behold. in particular, big ups to the asian kid rocking the bowl cut in the video. ahhhh.....memories.

Speedrail said...

you now, i almost posted a link to the kidz bop video - but, well, it just hit too close to home...

your girl got dicked by ricky powell