yes it is my coat, i'm a fancy boy

so funny it makes me jealous, from the review of interpol/pixies/lcd at jones beach posted on the always excellent fluxblog:

Very charming, yes, but neither of these people had anything on the group of three (presumably teenage or young college age) girls in matching white homemade "Not As Cool As Kim Deal" t-shirts who did girly bedroom dances for every single song in Interpol and the Pixies' sets. You know what kind of dances I'm talking about - it's all in the neck, shoulders, and arms, with frequent hair twirls and vaguely awkward (but cute!) hip movements. Their intense, unironic enthusiasm was so endearing; I wish that they would come to every show that I see.

went through extreme culture shock taking a cab from bushwick to the doctor on the UES this morning...can't remember the last time i was surrounded by so many put-together middle-aged white women with coach bags and capri pants.

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