fix up look sharp

first: kanye west feat. jay-z - "diamonds (remix)"

silly silly weekend, celebratory drinks after a meeting on saturday afternoon turned into vicki and i passing out on the floor at work by 7. and i let someone try and give me a mohawk. luckily, the clippers died halfway through so now i just look like a mental patient. into the night.

on a happier note, around midnight on saturday someone made me drink a sparks (!) and dragged me to misshapes. as we were walking in, yoko ono walked out and straight into a waiting bentley. seriously, she's about 4'0"

the dj on saturday turned out to be hedi slimane.

i almost lost my shit, because he's something of an idol to me, from his dior homme designs to his photography to his furniture...he's just kind of unstoppable. he wasn't a bad dj either, although he was doing it straight itunes style...the highlight for me was definitely when he dropped the cazals "poor innocent boys"


what is it about 1234 records? i really think that they're poised to be the next big deal label. still pissed that whitey hasn't blown up like he should yet


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