the greedy ugly people are not like us

no updates in a while, too busy getting my ass out of bushwick

for today, a bunch of music:

1. when i saw gonzales play at trash in october 2002 (this is a pic from that show), i never thought that he would make an album comprised entirely of solo piano music. and i certainly never thought it would be this good.

2. hefner will always have a place in my heart, with "my art college days are over" being the most out-of-place yet absurdly awesome song to play while driving on a road trip to montreal. snag "the hymn for the cigarettes" (via jamie's runout groove)

3. speaking of trash, check out the secret erol alkan live mix from july 2005 here (streaming real media). still haven't gotten around to shelling out for his mix cd at silly import prices at tower...



4. i'm not gonna argue on this one - the new kanye album is fuckin crazy good. (hell yeah, top pitchfork score of the year!) my favorite track so far, "touch the sky" (mp3 via stereogum).

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