i've met so many people who look the same

i was in a cab last night on mott st, and a scruffy, junkie-esque guy sitting on the curb next to a gorgeous female model caught my eye. or, more specifically, the dark glasses and tattoos caught my eye. of course it was terry richardson (link NSFW)...i'm a little bit torn, because i think his work is (or was) terribly important in an ivory tower the-interrogation- of-the-sexualized-image sort of way. that said, however, i thought his terryworld show at deitch a while back was fairly poor, and a friend of mine who did a test session with him said that he was unbearably creepy and offensive. it was pretty funny doing a good image search for him just now though, as it's almost impossibly to find a picture of terry that doesn't include his penis.

come to my show on saturday.

while too many bands to mention are good at stealing post-punk riffs and synth lines, i think that maximo park is by far the best at nailing the ian curtis spastic stage dance. check out the new video for "the coast is always changing"

did anyone else pick up one of the free she wants revenge cds at shit hammered on tuesday? not bad stuff, and their website is wonderfully ridiculous. while we're at it, i just can't get over what a great party shit hammered is. i hadn't gone in a few weeks and had forgotten what a great tuesday night it is. i love the fact that darryl nau spends so much time destroying the upstairs bar, this week it was covered with packing peanuts and cardboard boxes in addition to the usual ripped up porn magazines. class act. highlight of the night? doing jager shots to tom vek's "i ain't saying my goodbyes"

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