now you're all gone with your makeup on

thank god the new broken social scene album is coming soon...you forgot it in the people is so good that it makes me want to poke my eyes out. snag the free mp3 of new track "shoreline" off of the arts & crafts site

in other excellent free music news, check out moistworks for isolee, vitalic, and alan braxe tracks, along with a surprisingly non-snarky discussion of diskopunk/electro rock/indie dance scenes. anyone grab braxe's upper cuts yet?

on tuesday night i finally saw march of the penguins. amazing. i need to get a baby penguin. or at least an adult penguin that can keep me warm in the wintertime with its fuzzy, protective underbelly. all cuteness aside, though, it was the first time in a while that i've been in a movie theater when the entire audience would collectively coo or laugh or gasp at the on-screen images. there still remains a quality of film that, perhaps praying on innate human curiosity/naivete, can elicit a sense of wonder in the spectator that is impossible to recreate in other mediums. honestly, there's something amazing about being able to watch life, in motion, as it is in antarctica.


moral of the story, penguins are really fucking cute.

ladytron mp3? sure.

don't forget! tickets for the dungen shows at the bowery ballroom are on sale now

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