chemical sweet girl

exciting shows coming up in the city in the next few days:

tonight at the delancey, annie is playing with elkland and datarock. i can only hope that this show will be better than the clusterfuck at the tribeca grand a few months ago...really, i'm more excited to see the opening bands. elkand has quietly charmed me with their completely unapologetic synthpop. (and how can you not like a band who jumps at the chance to open for the aging pet shop boys?) datarock, on the other hand, totally blew me away from the first time i heard them. i snagged "i used to dance with my daddy" off of fluxblog a while back, and have been playing it out in my dj sets ever since. ridiculous. and check out the matching tracksuits! and they're norwegian!

next week one of my new faves, brakes, are playing at piano's on the 3rd and 4th. "heard about your band" has been in heavy rotation at the office, my favorite line is "you shared a cab with karen o, oh oh!!"

i have a new musical obsession: white rose movement's "love is a number" (real media video stream). i think it might be paul epworth's best production to date, much less restrained than his work for bloc party, rakes, et al.

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