can you make it me plus one?

the most amazing shoes ever? i love the shoes at alife, but hate the store itself... (image via the fader blog)

super excited to finally see tom vek on friday at the knitting factory. grab the digitalism remix of "nothing but green lights" off of the increasingly relevant headphone sex. and the full length we have sound is finally released domestically on startime ....!

finally - a great music video blog on the web (besides, that is, gbh)

check out cliptip, which has a great selection of videos, including feist's "mushaboom" (at left). not only was "mushaboom" featured in this week's crossing jordan, but the video makes feist look cuter than ever. and that's pretty hard.

new stuff from one of my even-though-i-can't-convince-anyone-else -to-like-him-he's-amazing favorite artists: midnight mike. he sort of fell off the grid after the success of "round and around", but has been dropping weirdo pieces for the past couple of years. just when i thought all hope was lost and i'd have to stick to listening to zongamin, out come remixes of "disco clown"!! fuck! i just searched juno to grab the link, and it's already sold out!



i guess we'll have to settle for the video of him performing "disco clown" at trash in 2002. if you look closely, i'm standing on his right next to the stage.

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