take me to the station

good saturday night:

first we stopped off at 69 14th st. to see the fixed crew (jdh and dave p) throw their last party of the year. they fucking killed it. absolutely out of control. they have officially overtaken tim sweeney as my favorite new york city djs. even though we had to wait in line for the bathroom for 30 minutes, the free pbr helped pass the time.


jdh started off his set with another one of my singles of the year:

zongamin - the bongo song

after fixed, it was off to check out the new gbh after-hours party. melody nelson came on at 4, and dropped all of your favorie indie rawkers from the past year (including we are scientists!). michael t sashayed up to the decks at around 6, and we only stayed for another half hour or so. have to say i was a little skeptical about the whole email-for-secret-location deal, but it ended up being a great time.

until then.

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