calling the biz

big thanks go out to tomas barfod (whomadewho/tomboy/gomma/get physical) who just tossed me his unauthorized-but-fucking-nasty remix for the gorillaz track "kids with guns". anyone who's seen me throw down in brooklyn in the past six months knows that the soulwax mix of "dare" has been a staple of my dj sets, and i think tomas' remix might just push it out of rotation...

gorillaz - kids with guns (tomboy mix)

anyone grab tickets to the live gorillaz show at the apollo? i really wanted to check out the show, but just couldn't swing $70 for a ticket in the way way way back. if someone out there is going, definitely let me know how it was

an oldie (kinda) but goodie (completely) for the weekend:

black strobe - me and madonna (2 fairlight bitches mix)


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like your live hip hop and rock acts followed by filthy disco-not-disco, electro, and baile funk? then come see me dj tomorrow night at galapagos in williamsburg. the live show will be done around 12, and i'll be spinning until i can'ts spin no more.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the gorillz songs.
makes me dance around while cleaning!!!

ksl said...

WMW/Tomboy/Gomma certainly rock the dancefloor! The Kids with Guns remix is pretty cool, but does the Hot Chip remix beat it? Anyone got a copy?


Anonymous said...

KWG - Hot Chip Remix

KWG - Jamie T Turn To Monsters Remix



Sarah said...

check out this interview w/ Black Strobe's Arnaud Rebotini : http://www.imposemagazine.com/mag/?p=500

your girl got dicked by ricky powell