stars of track and field

can't stop listening to the new grand national album, kicking the national habit, getting excited for their show with hot chip at the bowery on saturday. just found out that grand national is doing an in-store at the union square virgin megastore on friday the 10th at 6, definitely check it out if you haven't managed to snag tickets to the sat show.

grand national - playing in the distance

grand national - coming round

i feel like kicking the national habit is equal parts the police and whitey. and i mean that in a good way.

whitey - leave them all behind

and one more for good measure:

kaiser chiefs - everyday i love you less and less (boys noize mix)

note: the first time i heard this mix i hated it, but i was listening to a dj set by tiga the other day and it was in there. worked amazingly well.


Tal said...

yeah, i got into that boys noize remix through a tiga set as well. its quite big. the constant EQing on that 'everyday i love you less and less' lyric gave me quite a rush when i first heard it. you should prepare yourself with hot chip's 'the warning' before that show. have fun!

Chantilly Bass said...

You're superlucky you get to see a show with Hot Chip as the headliner. I saw them do two gigs on Saturday and I don't think they played for even an hour with the two combined, as they were just doing a promotional gig and were opening for Stereolab. Very jealous.. enjoy! :)

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