still don't nothin move but the money

i know i'm coming in a little late on this one, but ghostface killah's fishscale is an absolute monster. he's always one of the strongest coming out of the wu, but i think this new one even tops supreme clientele. favorite new tracks: "kilos" (maybe that "trap-hop" article wasn't so stupid after all?), "9 milli bros", and "big girl" (i'm just a sucker for those old motown samples...)

ghostface killah feat. cappadonna, trife, shawn wigs - jellyfish

and a classic:

wu-tang - cash still rules/scary hours


don't forget about the lady sov contest that's still going on - you gots until april 3rd to send me an email (disconotdisco@gmail.com) with your mailing address and your guess of how tall she is. one lucky winner will get a bunch of free swag and music.


there's a really great article about dirge-rockers sunn o))) in the most recent issue of artforum. in the piece, jan tumlir places sunn o))) in a lineage of avent-garde artists, specifically minimalists. great description of the sunn o))) sound:

To place oneself at the point of greatest sonic impact is an act of fetal surrender and Nietzschean bravura at once. It's all very elemental: the body, a rock, pushing against a torrent of sound or else getting swept away. Sunn o)))'s music commands you, but not through the usual exercise of masterful technique. Gaining entry from below, as it were, it rattles the cage of subjectivity that holds the reptilian nerve-center of being.

sunn o))) also have the distinction of being one of the few artists that people have asked me to turn off. in my own apartment no less.

sunn o))) - it took the night to believe

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