you gotta wrap your fuzzy in a big red bow

lots of exciting stuff going on this week. on sunday i went to the scissor sisters show at the bowery - what a scene. not only were liz and i standing next to anderson cooper, but in the balcony were: kylie minogue, karl lagerfeld (!), stephen gan, and ingrid sischy. and on the way downstairs to the bathroom i bumped into todd solondz and he gave me the crook eye. show was great, lots and lots of energy as per usual. the last time i saw the sisters was back in 2004 (?) at hammerstein, great to see them in a smaller venue than that. pretty standard setlist, all of the hits, plus a whole bunch of new material. highlight of the night for me was "filthy gorgeous" and a rollicking version of "music is the victim". only downside was that tiga was strictly on dj duty, no live material from sexor...let's just hope for a proper tour soon.

scissor sisters - the skins

can't stop listening to the new spank rock album, shit is filthy. snagged tickets to see them at mercury lounge on saturday, i'm ready to get all silly like

spank rock - sweet talk

spank rock - coke and wet

anyone headed to the a-trak/glc/the rub show at knitting factory on friday? i'm considering checking it out, but am worried i might have to work late...if you haven't already picked up a copy of the drive slow mixtape, don't sleep on it

glc - can't complain

the painting at the beginning of the post is a kehinde wiley, check out his crazy wburg loft profiled in new york magazine here

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