don't fight it, feel it

update: delia and gavin song deleted as per the request of dfa records.

and check out a video of tim sweeney tweaking the song live here

i was going to post another couple gonzalez & russom tracks, but unfortunately they've become standbys when i dj and i left all my gear and music at work. y'alls just gonna have to wait.


so apparently the place where i had linked the momonga picture i was using as "my photo" on blogger no longer exists. anyone have a suggestion for a new pic i should use? i can't decide if i want to stay in the realm of cute, exotic animals, or maybe move on to something more like this.


the one thing that i really love about itunes is the ability to stumble onto a track that you haven't listened to in years, and probably would never have sought out had it not been right after something else. this happened to me yesterday when i was furiously download all the plastic little tracks i could get my grubby mouse onto. what should follow these philly MCs? just a banging plastikman track, of course.

plastikman - spastik

(and it's from an old jockey slut comp, no less!)


faizal said...

that raf simons s/s 03 presentation pic u have isn't bad at all actually. it's my first time here though, so i have no idea what was your previous user pic like. the plastikman's spastik listing on hype got me here...

cheers from kuala lumpur.

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CubikArubik said...

Spastik: wow, classic.
Anyone from back in the days of the UFO club in Dublin, Ireland will rock out to this.
Nice one mate.


ribble said...

Maybe you could take a picture of Kid Millionaire and put a big, red X over him. You hate that guy!

ribble said...

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Cameron Octigan said...

so. we've both recently posted "Relevee" and "Spastik" ... now that i've found your blog, i will try harder not to let that happen! haha. oops. uh, good taste. :)

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