when your complexion dries

i'm super excited because erol alkan is coming to don hill's next wednesday. erol has been holding it down at trash in london for years now, and has been one of the best - and most reliable - remixers on the indie dance scene since its inception. while i have quibbled with his extended remixes on several occasions, his dj'ing is pretty much stand alone. i was in london in the fall of 2002 doing a study abroad program in college (read: smoking too many cigarettes and spending too much money at rough trade), and went to trash every monday night while i was there. if i was someone else, i would say that the highlights were the live shows i got to check out in an intimate club environment: lcd soundsystem, suicide, fesit, gonzales, midnight mike. but for me, the real highlight was dancing with a topless courtney love. surprising fact: she's the best smelling person i've ever met. looks like a total junkie, but smells like an angel.

anyways, here are songs that erol would play every monday night in the fall of 2002 (for real!)

the pixies - bone machine

duran duran - my own way

the faint - agenda suicide

david bowie - moonage daydream (this is the song i danced to with courtney!)

and a recent-ish remix:

death from above 1979 - romantic rights (erol alkan's love from below mix)

####at the end of last year i was sick and watching daytime television. now, i don't have cable, so that means my options are ridiculously limited between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm. i stumbled upon starting over. at first i couldn't figure out what the show was about. it felt a little bit like the real world, but with a "cast" of middle aged women. and life coaches would flit about in the background. and when a woman would do a confessional segment to the camera, there were enigmatic captions such as "ELISSA - running away from her past" or "LISA - blaming herself for mr. internet". needless to say, i was hooked. i kept my fascination with this bunim-murray project for the aging set a secret, both because i rarely had the chance to watch television at noon during the week, and also because i was ashamed. fuck, if someone i knew told me they about this show i would smack them in the mouth while giggling. several months ago, however, a co-worker let it slip that she too was taken in by starting over's mysterious appeal. and then it happened. it seemed like the show was always coming up in conversations - i would mention it at a brunch where i didn't really know anyone and make instant friends, i would make allusions to it around friends and everyone would know what i was talking about. now this article in nerve. how much longer before there are sparks-sponsored viewing parties at union pools? fuck, i'm there.

even though i'm a disgusting, coughing, sickly mess today, i'm sure as hell excited to turn on nbc at noon.


one last note for the day. i hesitate to mention it as i've been geared up to see them a few times before and they've always cancelled, but disco-not-disco faves white rose movement are scheduled to play the bowery on the 12th. have yet to pick up a copy of kick, but check out the review at playlouder

white rose movement - girls in the back


ribble said...

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