bump out to the borderline

bold move by the fader - the music issue is offered for free as a downloadable pdf. snag it on itunes or right here.

haven't gone all the way through it yet, but there is a nice piece on ed banger records (home to justice, zongamin, uffie, etc)

dj mehdi - have fun with nas

going away to cape cod for a few days, escape from the city and what not. get ready, got lots of interesting shit and contests and puns lined up for the next few weeks

t. raumschmiere - down in the sea while watching the stars

roxy music - sea breezes

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-V- said...

Its good, ...Do you know Mr Oizo ?
...because I search "halfanedit" by Mr Oizo,Can you post it... or on ed banger records....Revl9n - Walking Machine (Sebastian remix)

your girl got dicked by ricky powell