durrr durrr durrrrr

jay-z. fucking amazing. check out some initial reviews here and here. i'll post more (with pics!) tomorrow.

after the show, went to the tribeca grand for the kitsune x fixed night. i was pretty beat, so we only stayed for a little under an hour, but our french friends threw down nice and hard. judging by the crowd's spastic reaction, it looks like it might be sooner than i thought that stateside audiences will embrace the fierce durrr sounds of justice and the like. i'm thinking that the new mstrkrft lp will be the watershed moment? july 18th, muhfucker.

mstrkrft - street justice

mstrkrft - work on you

the gossip - listen up! (mstrkrft relick)

polysics - ceolakanth is android (mstrkrft remix)

and would y'all please buy waters of nazareth already?!

justice - waters of nazareth (erol alkan's durrr durrr durrrrrr re-edit)

justice - let there be light (dj funk remix)


i can't stop sneezing - is it possible that i have legionnaire's?



Wes said...

ooh i wanna see your pics ! :)

BB said...

aaaahrg the shit is down

charlie said...

clicks...Crys!... noooo... eroolll....

your girl got dicked by ricky powell