jazzin for blue jeans

i've been getting a lot of shit from friends and coworkers recently because i've taken to wearing white jeans, most often rolled up several inches above the tops of my shoes. apparently, according to flavorpill-sponsored style newsletter the jc report, i am not an asshole but rather an early adopter. eat it.

david bowie - fashion

belle and sebastian - a summer wasting

bobby byrd - hot pants (i'm coming, coming, i'm coming)


if you're in the nyc area, come by to check out my dj set at the late night series at the blue note down on w. 3rd. it really is one of the most fabled jazz clubs in the world, so i'm not entirely sure why they're having me (who's current top five includes such luminaries as plastic little...), but it should be a fun time. i go on around midnight. more info here

the clash - jimmy jazz

dave van ronk - cocaine blues

sonic youth - winner's blues


Nick Jade said...

No worries. White jeans are coming back. We will lead the way!


Anonymous said...

loving white jeans!!

wheres the belle song from??


your girl got dicked by ricky powell