junkies keep on scoring

(photo: me on my first birthday, note the baby wallabees and abnormally large cranium. i'd like to think that's a Kool in my hands, but i think it's just a Newport...)

went to a pool party out in connecticut for work yesterday. felt a little bit like i was in a cobranskae photo series, lounging around a pool and drinking beers. 'cept that nobody was wearing $400 hoodies. unfortunately, i got violently ill just before we left, which meant that i not only threw up all over the side of shane's car but also that when we pulled over to the side of the road i threw up all over a snapping turtle. the turtle didn't look mad so much as confused.

matthew sweet - sick of myself

the stills - animals and insects


pitchfork really tore into the new primal scream album today. justified? maybe, i've only heard a couple tracks. but let's get real, i think primal scream is one of those bands who at this point can do anything and we shouldn't really give a fuck. almost in the same vein as how alec empire can get away with his mille plateaux junk because he started atr.

primal scream - country girl (live)

primal scream - country girl (video)

primal scream - get your rocks off

primal scream - loaded


Tankboy said...

PFork is waaaay off on this one.

ribble said...

Once, Speedrail and I had to take a box of records up to a woman in Harlem late one night in the rain, so we took Shane's car and just blasted the shit of Illinois to stay in the game. So the image of Speedrail throwing up all over the inside is pretty gratifying.

Speedrail said...

i think that's the most masculine sounding reference to sufjan ever.

The Cap'n said...

Actually,Pitchfork is right on the money.I've been a huge Primal Scream fan for years,but I think 'Riot City Blues' is one of the worst records I've ever heard.It's made more embarrassing by Bobby Gillespie's godawful lyrics (always a problem,even on my favourite Scream records)which seem to reach for every cliche that's ever existed on earth.I hope they start listening to the Velvets and Krautrock again before they make the next record...no more lame Stones retreads,please!

your girl got dicked by ricky powell