that tastes like hair spray

just pissed on ya coat!

what a silly silly night last night. fuck. but first things first. i was out with nevaris and josh, and nevaris told a(nother) story about growing up in nyc. apparently a friend of his went to p.s. 75 in manhattan, and in elementary school a troublemaker went and peed on all of his classmates coats.

that kid would grow up to be mekhi phifer.

from pissing on some kid's coat to clockers? sure.

sinead o'connor - the emperor's new clothes


last night started out with a scouting trip to the venue for saturday's show, from where a few people transitioned down to the les. we were going to make a quick appearance at shit hammered and call it an early night, but some jackass forgot his i.d. back at the studio on 37th st.

so we all had to trudge to midtown to get this fool's wallet.

finally, we take a cab back downtown and get out on broome. we're rounding the corner to go into happy ending, when i go to check my messages and find that i have left my cel phone in the cab. now, some people are constantly leaving phones in cabs/on trains/whatever.

i am not one of those dudes.

my last phone i had for close to 6 years wihout incident.

panicked, i make everyone start dialing my phone. luckily, someone answers it. unluckily, it is not the cab driver, but rather his next fare, who is one of a gaggle of girls "headed to plumm!"

so we head back uptown.

when we get to 14th st., we are greeted with a big "by entering you agree to be filmed by LAST NIGHT'S PARTY" poster on the door of plumm and head in. place is packed. oh, and lady sovereign is throwing down at the front of the room

lady sovereign - random (menta remix feat. riko)

i had totally spaced on the trashion party that has sprung up there on tuesdays, but shit seems to be taking off. at this point, it's nearing 2 am and everyone is tired as fuck. i've basically given up any hope of finding my phone and start getting ready to leave. but who's that in the bright white fred perry v-neck standing next to me at the bar? mike skinner? huh.

the streets - blinded by the lights

the streets - don't mug yourself

the streets - when you wasn't famous

while josh heads over to toss him some promos, i accidentally bump into a girl who is standing to the other side of me at the bar. a girl who is squinting at a razr with googly eye stickers all over it. she's got my phone!

adult. - hand to phone (cordless mix)

not only did i get my phone back, but these three girls had apparently been reading through some text messages that had been coming in and proceeded to bombard me with questions about every one of them.

x - your phone's off the hook, but you're not


it's later than i thought and i gotta bounce and go to work - no time to go back and put interesting links in the above section, i'll do it this afternoon


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