i caught a fading glimpse

The point is this isn't a set of ideas. This isn't some abstraction. This isn't electroclash. Did music come out of that? Can you think of any songs? Are you going back to it? It was a fad. It was a time. And, I know this thing right now is considered a fad and there's a look to it and all that bullshit but without actual music it will mean nothing in two days.

devendra banhart - fall

devendra banhart - the body breaks

it was with mixed emotions that i read the recent pitchfork interview with devendra banhart. on the one hand, i think he's stupidly talented and empathize with his frustration over the recent flurry of mainstream media attention heaped upon the "freak folk" scene that he helms. on the other hand, dude played the recent chanel runway show.

while i know it's far from a popular opnion, i still have a soft spot in my heart for electroclash. maybe it was because i used to go to luxx and kick it with larry tee, et. al. and yes, i did buy into the whole "performance art" aspect of it which i can see now was partly based on self-important aggrandizement. but i do think that some unique ideas and solid music came out of it. fuck, isn't "funk da esfiha" built on the beat from the tiga remix of "comfortably numb"?

bottom line, even if electroclash was a fad, it was a harmless one with some great tunes. "can you think of any songs?"

linda lamb - hot room

fischerspooner - emerge

scissor sisters - comfortably numb (atoc extended edit)

felix da housecat feat. miss kittin - silver screen (adult. mix)


one last thing - i finally gave in and got a myspace page...end of an era, i know.

so come be my friend!




filipelamas said...

Congratulations on your blog! Keep on the good work!

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Devandra Bernhardt... or whatever he's called.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell