by the time i get to venus

my first exposure to peaches came in 2002 when i picked up a vinyl copy of the quartermass vs. kitty-yo comp because i liked the cover art. little did i know that it would introduce me to artists who would go on to occupy much of my listening time for the next couple of year, including peaches, gonzales, and add n to (x). and while i was one of ms. nisker's most vocal advocates for a while ("no, you don't get it - she's supposed to have a hairy crotch!!"), i have been fairly disappointed by her recent output. let's get real - fatherfucker was god awful. jury's still out on her latest single "downtown", but a banging simian mobile disco remix never hurt anyone, yeah?

peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco mix)

peaches - diddle my skittle

peaches - rock show (live at trash)

simian mobile disco - hustler


little under one week left to enter the disco-not-disco chocolate swim contest! send your name, mailing address, and a band rec to disconotdisco@gmail.com for a chance to win:

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and download the free ep, featuring lady sov, ghislain poirier, spank rock, mf doom, etc, here.

check out a great photo set on supertouch of neck face and rich jacobs covering a delivery van in the course of 15 minutes. unreal.

the vandals - punk as fuck

talking heads - artists only


i know it sounds desperate, but i'm new to this - be my myspace friend!



Amy said...

Howdy. Just wanted to let you know that the song you posted is most definitely not The Vandals. It's actually a song by the band "Down By Law". "Punk As Fuck" is off of their album "punkrockacademyfightsong". Anyway, thanks for the cool music. Cheers!

Es-Won said...

yo i'll be your myspace friend if you keep turning me on to such slammin music

your girl got dicked by ricky powell