dropkick the punks

c'mon, isn't this picture better than the ones with the black masks that's everywhere right now?

quick! stop what you're doing and go buy tickets for the knife show at webster hall nov 1. just went on sale at noon, and this shit will sell out right quick. been feeling the knife for a minute now and the chance to catch them live doesn't come often at all.

the knife - neverland

the knife - from off to on

i do have to say, though, i still loathe webster hall. i've only seen one show there - the faint - but it was a total clusterfuck. had to jump through hoops to get in, then i almost got punched in the face by a bouncer when i went outside to smoke and had the nerve to try and get back in. the faint were excellent though.

the faint - sealed human

the faint - paranoia attack

the faint - let the poison spill



david. said...

webster is hit or miss...sometimes its amazing (boredoms), sometimes its awful awful awful (sleater-kinney).

i heart karin and olof

Anonymous said...

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