it's just you and me

the arcade fire - neighborhood #2 (laika)

i like my neighborhood in wburg: close to the park, close to dumont, quiet, safe as hell, lots of space, neighbors are all really nice families. only problem is this one dude that lives across the street.

sunn o))) - orthodox caveman

he spends all weekend strutting around the block shirtless, washing his bmw and yelling at his mom. but, what the fuck do i care, right? so, a few nights ago i was standing outside with liz, josh, and ashley, and this douchebag rolls by in his car and yells out "fuckin' yuppies!"

t.a.t.u. - all the things she said

now, don't get me wrong, i understand that the gentrification of williamsburg creates a lot of tension vis-a-vis the italian, jewish, and puerto rican communities that have been here for decades. but "yuppies"? come on: i am currently unemployed, liz is a photographer who temps to pay the bills, josh is a public school teacher in east new york, and ashley is currently working on a video project for a nonprofit group. after the guy rolled by in his bmw, we all looked at each other with slightly bemused smiles and josh said what we were all thinking "wait, so that guy thinks we have money? could be worse..."

the flying lizards - money

the queers - i only drink bud



Anonymous said...

fuck you and all you trucker hat-and ironic t-shirt-wearing 20-somethings who swan to Williamsburg and think your so fucking bohemiam 'cause you take photos, or play in a band, or intern at a label, etc. You are tomorrow's yuppies. Look around you. That asshole was right. You're all yuppies. You just don't know it yet. If I was a minority in NYC or similar, the minute young white kids start moving in, I would take to them with baseball bats, 'cause it's the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

so im a douchebag am i?

better watch your back son.

ashley said...

I prefer to be called a yippie thank you very much!

LeboviciAB84 said...

So it's not your money (or lack thereof) that antagonises these people; it's the fact that you're "young" and "white"? How dare you move to another part of New York without the courtesy to change your skin tone and age, you thoughtless cunts?

your girl got dicked by ricky powell