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the world of the promotional cd is a tricky one - spend too much money on packaging and/or design and you risk pissing away thousands of dollars, spend no money on packaging and/or design and your record is put in a stack of dozens of indistinguishable CDRs and never listened to. some people, such as electro supergroup lotterboys, do it just right. while in an innocuous cardboard sleeve, the cool colors, deep image field, and crisp typesetting scream class. of course it's a peter saville design. i don't care what anybody says, there are still very few people who can touch this guy in the design game. and he rocks white jeans like it's his job.

to the music itself:

animalia is a refreshing new lp that is equal parts filthy electro stabs and dfa-meets-chromeo style indie funk. while a couple of these tracks have been floating around as club singles - "heroine", "star whores", and the cheeky take on "iron man" - the real strength of lotterboys is in their ability to craft smart pop songs. comprised of fetisch (terranova), shapemod (terranova), and mack goudy jr. (detroit grand pubahs), the three members of the group are all industry vets. and it shows - the production is tight as shit. perhaps most impressively, however, is that lotterboys is clever to show restraint. standout track "blazer" has an infectious disco beat that could easily have been stretched out into an 11 minute club single [cough] lindstrom [cough], but the group makes the wise decision to reign it in. the result is a near-perfect electro rock track.

lotterboys - blazer

lotterboys - iron man

lotterboys - superdope

and it certainly shouldn't come as a shock that lotterboys have done remix work for disco-not-disco faves colder. unfortunately i don't have the remix on hand, so you'll have to make do with the original:

colder - to the music


while we're on the subject of album packaging, while the colored vinyl limited edition of pet sounds is kinda obvious, i'm still gonna hunt it down.... (image via the fader blog)

the beach boys - hang on to your ego


as my credit card bill can attest to, i've developed an unhealthy fixation upon nike air max 90s and 180s recently. that certainly doesn't mean, however, that i'm above drooling over a sick pair of dunks. check out these polka dot samples, apparently slated to be a tier zero release later in the year. i'm going to go stake out my place outside of alife rivington club right now. (via nikeskateboarding.org)


Anonymous said...

That loserboys stuff is rubbish. The designer you profiled is 'da bomb', on the other hand.

peace biatch.

Anonymous said...

Iron man = The Cardigans cover, absurd!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, the link is down, could I ask you to make another for the blazer track? I've been looking for it for ages...thanks

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