the world will never look quite the same again

got old friends coming into town this weekend, thank god there's a FIXED party that looks like it should be stupid amounts of fun. dave p and jdh's roving party has migrated to scenic, er, club midway, and this saturday they have special guests scratch massive:

scratch massive - seeing is believing (david carretta remix)

bloc party - this modern love (dave p. and adam sparkle's mix)

"seeing is believing" is one of those tracks that has been kicking around my head ever since i first heard it on a larry tee comp a few years back, but recently scratch massive has received notice for their excellent naked mix that dropped late 2005. featured such disco-not-disco staples as out hud, !!!, huntemann, whomadewho, soulwax, etc. should prove to be a solid night on saturday.

huntemann - 50.1

soulwax - ny excuse (justice remix)


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