come into my world

At all levels criss-cross of bridges, cat walks, cable cars. Catatonic youths dressed as women in gowns of burlap and rotten rags, faces heavily and crudely painted in bright colors over a strata of beatings, arabesques of broken, suppurating scars to the pearly bone, push against the passer-by in silent clinging insistence. (description of "interzone", naked lunch, p. 53)

the latest (perhaps only?) group to drop both oblique william burroughs references and an unabashed love of day-glo rave culture, klaxons will descend upon nyc tonight. i'm not quite sure how the basement stage at club midway will contain the group, but i will certainly be there to find out.

klaxons - atlantis to interzone

klaxons - atlantis to interzone (crystal castles remix)

klaxons - gravity's rainbow (van she remix)

and make sure not to miss the modular records uber-blowout at studio b on thursday - the klaxons will be joined by soulwax performing nite versions live.

soulwax - another excuse (dfa remix)

klaxons will drop their debut ep, xan valleys, on modular october 6th. tracklisting is:

1. gravity's rainbow
2. atlantis to interzone
3. 4 horsemen of 2012
4. the bouncer
5. gravity's rainbow (van she remix)
6. atlantis to interzone (crystal castles remix)


klaxons - atlantis to interzone


david. said...

more Airhorn!

Atlas-stands-tall said...

Wonderful arbitrage. Just wonderful. You make lemons feal grapes, and their cousins, mere raisins.

Anonymous said...

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