light rail coyote

stopped by classic kicks yesterday and copped a pair of the gimme five court force lo's, which are now sitting on the mantle. not sure how long liz will tolerate that though...

i can't decide if these unreleased joy division inspired blazers are cool or totally stupid. i'm a little bit surprised that peter saville didn't do it, especially since he's no stranger to the sneaker game.

still battling with the man over mp3 hosting, should be sorted out in a couple days though. i hate ysi as much as the next guy but i ain't got many other options in the meantime:

shy child - the noise won't stop

make sure to stop by the last pool party at mccarren park tomorrow - spank rock headlines with gang gang dance, shy child, and the rub on dj duties. nice way to end the summer.


and, just because:

gza - i gotcha back


Gigi said...

I think the joy division sneakers are pretty bazzin', if somewhat indulgent...

SirSwift said...

I dig them kicks, man. eYeeaaaaahhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Yay. GZA. I think Liquid Swords might be my all time fave hip hop album.... more please.

ribble said...

Just checked out Liz's photo stream for the first time. I had no idea until now what a badass photographer she is.

Remember that movie we wanted to do that time? Think Liz would be DP? Or is that just too much full frontal male nudity for the sort of projects she prefers?

your girl got dicked by ricky powell