yr city's a sucker

i'm still recovering from the klaxons/soulwax/fixed show on thursday - i can't remember the last time i had such a loud, sweaty, fun time. i went with john (who is now working for spitzer and looked like he stepped straight out of a law & order episode) and liz. i convinced liz to bring her camera, and she got some great pics.

acen - close your eyes

the goodmen - give it up

klaxons were first up (do they really not use "the" before "klaxons"? because it feels awkward to write without it....) and they absolutely killed it. young, brash, and wicked loud. perfect. highlights included "gravity's rainbow" and "4 horsemen of 2012":

klaxons - atlantis to interzone (third eye re-fit)

but it was also a night of kicks:

in this one i am rocking my black and yellow 180 id's, the gold lame kicks belong to none other than kid millionaire, and the white chucks contained suroosh alvi:

after getting worked up into a frothy mess by the klaxons, we retreated to the back bar for a bit and enjoyed a short-ish set by jdh and dave p. seriously, every time i see these guys they just solidify their spot as nyc's most consistently amazing dj team. nice work.


dave p:
but we didn't have to wait long before soulwax, a vision in white denim and polo shirts, took the stage. it was interesting to see these guys live - in a way, it was exactely what a group of dj's and studio wiz's playing live should sound like. and that's a compliment. from the opening kick of "teachers" to the high point of "another excuse" soulwax kept the crowd wrapped up in spastic glory. fun fun fun night.

(yes virginia, that is a rack of purple cowbells)

ladytron - seventeen (soulwax mix)

gorillaz - dare (soulwax mix)

all the pics from the night can be found here.



olivier said...




please come back very soon, i wanna sweat again!

FYI, all their tunes are on emusic (you can download them for free as a trial if you don't have an account yet, and then keep them with no DRM if you don't want to subscribe)

highly recommended:
- Nite Versions
- NY Lipps (Kawazaki Dub)

if you want another kick in the teeth, i know that the Daft Punk live a Coachella is seeded somewhere on the big wide internet... same kind of insane dancing!

Anonymous said...

wow did we go to the same concert in greenpoint ? I thought the klaxons were terrible and I really like their music but that night they were so drunk it was a joke their sound was terrible and distorted plus abslolutely nobody was dancing, I loved the Soulwax set and I danced the all time I was right in front but most of the crowd appart from 20 sweaty guys in front was just banging their head up and down drinking their beer nothing compare with going to see them in Paris or Brussels where everybody would be jumping in the air.

Anonymous said...

Anyone after the Daft Punk Coachella set, it can be found here: http://www.mp3fusion.net/mp3_archive/d/3.html

And did you realise that you've actually posted Soulwax's mix of Seventeen twice? The link for Gorillaz' Dare is the same link. Grrrr!!

Anonymous said...

yeah daft punk is great if you like watching men in robot suits
prancing about to preprogramed sets then perfect.. but if im going to watch DJ's then or bands for that matter a little bit of " live " action is always great.

paris brussels ehh get over yourself. it was a great night greenpoint..

Speedrail said...

sorry about that, gorillaz link has been fixed

Anonymous said...

"paris brussels ehh get over yourself. it was a great night greenpoint.."
not saying that brussels or paris is better then NY, there is no better city in the world BUT the audience comes from a real dance culture there, soulwax was amazing at studio B but most of the audience didn't even dance, why do you think most deejays live and play in europe and not here ? Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien, Richie Hawtin, Soulwax ..etc

your girl got dicked by ricky powell