as long as something's happening

liz has two phobias which i find hilarious. the first is an unease that she experiences around hanging beads, and the second is a hysterical fear of bursting/popping eyeballs. i'm not saying that it's not a terrifying prospect, but there are very few situations that would induce generalized anxiety about one's eyes actually bursting. i probably shouldn't have showed her this video:

klaxons - magick

i should really start charging modular a fee to keep me on retainer - i just can't stop posting about the klaxons. i guess it comes with the territory when they insist upon releasing a small but steady stream of absolute bangers. the fun goes up to 11 on this one:

klaxons - magick (simian mobile disco remix)

for some reason that track reminds me of this vitalic reworking of bjork. maybe it's the european feel? the synth stabs? the awesomeness? really raises more questions than it answers.

bjork - who is it (vitalic remix)

trentemoller, who put out one of my favorite remixes of 2006 so far, has dropped an lp of original work. filled with meandering, minimal electro beats, the last resort sometimes dabbles in the academic but is never anything but lush. check it out.

trentemoller - snowflake


if you're in the nyc area tonight, come check out destrosound at fat baby. he goes on at 8, and maybe afterwards he'll tell you about when we used to share an apartment together in bushwick and had a calendar with pictures of exotic cars.



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Anonymous said...

That Trentemoller album is fantastic - in the UK it's shipping with a bonus CD of all his singles over the last 12 months or so. Fab stuff.

Michael said...

Nice post. I haven't heard the original, but the bjork track is pretty cool. Very laid back kind of dance-groove feel. My favorite of the three. Thanks for sharing.

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