hittin brazillian dimes from behind

a sprint for the finish. can't resist the year-end lists.

top live shows of 2006

5. klaxons / soulwax at studio b - spastic energy, new space across the park, long-held obsessions heard live for the first time.

klaxons - magick (simian mobile disco remix)

4. spank rock / plastic little / cuizinier at mercury lounge - great start to a summertime fun, kickstarted my desire to join a dj crew - just as long as the name ended in "bass collective".

plastic little - 5th chamber

3. joanna newsom at webster hall - the l train back to brooklyn was filled with contented sighs after this one. dare you to take a pot shot at her level of sincerity.

2. the knife at webster hall - getting over my hatred of webster hall, apparently. "spectacle" makes the jump from theory to praxis.

1. jay-z at nokia theater - "what more can i say"


tomorrow - singles (manhattan)

friday - albums (berlin)


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