rumble young man rumble

in penance for spending more money than i should have this afternoon, i finally forced myself to record a practice mix. and now i'm throwing myself to the wolves by offering it for download. the first official disco-not-disco mix, i would really appreciate any thoughts/comments/kicks to the groin as i haven't played out in a while and need to get my shit together.

dj speedrail - i'm into s&m mix (35 min)


datarock - sex me
edu k - hot mama (sinden remix)
spank rock - bump (pink skull remix)
klaxons - golden skans (sebastiAn version 1.2.0 remix)
radiohead - idioteque
i am finn - i love you (van she remix)
polysics - ceolakanth is android (mstrkrft remix)
mr carta - cabelo voa
bo diddley - barbaro (bmore mix)
low budget - pork cops
mr carta - vem nha nha
the doors - light my fire (bird peterson bmore remix)



Blaze said...

Hmmmm.... to be honest........

Beatmatching is fine but your bringing in the songs at the wrong times consistently! Makes them sound like trainwrecks.

You need to practice more with your songs so you know the best place to bring them in. Make sure you cue in the best spots and wait for the best times to drop it.

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds rad.

chris said...

Sounds great! good luck for ur gig.
also if its ok could you please send me a copy of the bird peterson doors remix


chris said...

actually if you could send any of those last 5 tracks id be delighted..

Anonymous said...

Track selection = :)

Beatmatching/transitions = :(

Mr. Blentwell said...

were you a house/techno DJ before? You seem to want to "ride the mix" for a longer time than should be with the squelchy dirty dub/bmore sounds you are droppin. if you check out bmore djs they just cut into the next record immediately.

Selection: good
hot bloggy slaps galore

Blending: needs work

datarock-- edu k: you were starting off in the right direction by dropping in every 4th beat but then you kept datarock up too long

edu k --- spank ro: that wink 'dont laugh' sample kinda screws it up. just drop out the edu K earlier and you are good...

spank ro -- klaxons: when going from spank rock into klaxons you were playing with it and it sounded cool but then the Klaxons cut went way out of key and the beats sounded off..

klaxons -- radiohead: good selection of the time to bring in the radiohead song but you've gotta drop out the klaxons earlier.

radiohead -- van she remix : once again just drop out the first track sooner. would sound great as the van she line is meaty enough to play on it's own.

van she - polysics: NICE! neat clean 4 beat mix and then drop out!

nice use of the mr carta sample at first... but around the 23rd time it is a bit much... sounds really cool and ecclectic when you first play it over polysics but then it gets annoying.. and the channel switch drops might be cool live but on listening to it recorded it just sounds like an error.

mr carta - bo didley -- smooth transistion

gotta go but these quality cuts are money well $pent.

mr. blentwell

Anonymous said...

Alex. This is quite good. Thank you for sharing this with the world. All my best.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Cassie: You've got a long way to go.


It ain't so bad dude. 3 months and you'll be there. It ain't rocket science.

clarissa said...

hey! i bumped into your lovely blog, and we pretty muck like the same stuff.....my name is supervixen, and i ll be opening for trentemoller tomo at mr. black (bleeker x broadway) tomo at 10...its free.

come over if you want!

this is my myspace...www.myspace.com/chxa



White Mike said...


Dug your mix. I'm a DJ in San Fran and I've got one to share as well...

Check it out when you have the time:

To subscribe: Enter: http://whitemikesf.com/rss2.aspx into "Subscribe to Podcast" under the "Advanced" tab in Itunes.

Podcast is called White Listed.

Tracklist for 1st cast (Episode #1):

1.) Radiohead - Paperbag Writer
2.) Beck - Cellphone's Dead
3.) The Rub - Burn Egyptian Rubber
4.) QSO - Pushin On (White Mike edit)
5.) Ludacris - Satisfaction
6.) The Rolling Stones - She's So Cold
7.) The Rapture - WAYUH
8.) Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
9.) The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another
10.) Wolfmother - Woman (MSTRKRFT remix)
11.) CSS - Let's Make Love (Spank Rock remix)
12.) The Teenagers - Fuck Nicole
13.) Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends
14.) Laid Back - White Horse
15.) Prince - Erotic City
16.) Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
17.) Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
18.) Justin Timberlake feat Clipse - Sexyback remix
19.) Justin Timberlake - My Love
20.) Hot Chip - Over and Over
21.) Big Daddy Kane - Warm it Up Kane
22.) Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator
23.) Yaz - Situation
24.) Roctakon - More of What I Needed
25.) The Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
26.) Hollertronix - David Banner vs. Eurythmics
27.) Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam
28.) Lady Sovereign - Ch Ching (XXXChange Remix)
29.) JJ Fad - Supersonic
30.) Fergie - Fergalicious
31.) Spank Rock - Bump (Switch mix)
32.) The Presets - I Go Hard I Go Home
33.) MIA - 10 Dollar
34.) Jurgen Paape - Joe Le Taxi
35.) The Notwist - Pilot (Console Remix)
36.) Bjork - In Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Mix)
37.) I-F - Playstation #1
38.) Ratatat - Gettysburg

Tracklist for newest mix (Episode #2):

1) Max Sedgley - Slowly
2) Blockhead - (unknown radio excerpt)
3) Meaty Ogre - Out the Rubble
4) Mala Rodriguez - La Cocinera
5) Mos Def - Undeniable
6) Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today
7) Clor - Dangerzone
8) Clipse - Mr. Me Too (Phoenix Productions remix)
9) Baby - What Happened to that Boy?
10) Ciara - Goodies (Richard X remix feat. M.I.A.)
11) Mirwais - Disco Science
12) Nas - Hip Hop is Dead
13) Jurassic 5 - Day at the Races
14) The Roots - The Seed 2.0
15) Beck - Sissyneck
16) Dee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart
17) Soulwax - NY Lipps
18) Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley (Bo-more mix)
19) Switch - A Bit Patchy
20) Crookers - Aguas de Parco
21) Loot - Click Clack
22) Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Aiken remix)

White Mike

pelofanta said...

ready to rumble?

paddy the irish man said...

playing it safe with this shite. come on. you couldn't sound more like everyone if you tried. which sadly , you did.

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Lisa said...

:'( waaah
i'm sad! I was referred to this blog for the painkillers (cannibal ox) and the i love s & m mix...and I can't find the ox track, and the s&m mix is no longer available :( can you help me get them? I really really really really really really really really really really want them please!

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